Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Hiatus Filler - Dragon Age part 1


Players: Richard, Nick, Trevor, J. Burnett

Here is part 1
Here is part 2
Here is part 3
Here is part 4
Here is part 5
Here is part 6
Here is part 7

Three friends travel the road to adventure after having been separated for many years. They enter the town of Saltmarsh, pouches flush with coin and goods to sell. What they find is a town in need of heroes. A mysterious haunted mansion is causing problems to the good town folk. Can our heroes lay the spirits to rest?

Reach waaaaaaay back in the archives to November of 2010 I bring you a rollicking good time with some familiar voices and some not so familiar. We are playing Dragon Age with some modifications made to the geography of Feraldin so that I might reuse some old D&D modules that I’ve been meaning to play through. Richard and Nick you have heard before, Trevor has been in many of my games, but not on SSM. Mr. J. Burnett you may have heard elsewhere as he is one of the founding Monkeys from the Monkeys Took My Jetpack podcast. This was a Hack of the D&D module Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. This is the entire run of that story arc. Enjoy!


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