Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Hiatus Filler - Monkey Con One: Marvel Heroic Roleplay

hiatus session

Players:Joshua, Jed, Kyre, John, Joshua

Here is the full recording

Monkey Con One was an online game convention that happened over October 20th-21st and was inspired by the Monkeys Took My Jetpack podcast. Several games were played and fun was had. This recording was my own offering to the convention. Joshua is the only player that has been in our regular games here on SSM.

Because I failed to check my calendar when planning our first sessions of Deadlands, I missed the fact that I had double-booked myself on our usual recording night. Monkey Con overlapped our usual game and since I had agreed to run a game in Monkey Con and had players signed up months in advance, I felt the right thing to do was postpone the next session of Deadlands and go ahead with the Monkey Con game. Apologies to my Deadlands group, our next game will be on the 3rd and with luck Richard will be back on line then.

What gets put into the feed next? Well, we have several games recorded by the gang here: Dr. Who, Word of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, and many more. Keep listening and we’ll keep posting!


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