Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Session 36: Great Apes


Players: Jamas, Joshua M., Marcus, Nick

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

The PC’s are on the run and pulling in their network of resources. Who can they trust? Who should they fear? And what the hell is really going on!

Another session of debate and plodding. Some interesting things are discovered and the players begin to see they just aren’t the “big picture” sort. Joshua M. joins us with his character Ethan Thane, that unfortunately does not get a lot of air time. The player created groups come into play somewhat in this episode and will lead to more hashing out of rules.


how dare you mispell my name! :P
it is Joshua Merrick, im sure we don’t need another John, its confusing enough as it is!

Session 36: Great Apes

Fixed! Sorry about that. The force that is the multiple “Johns” had taken over.

Session 36: Great Apes

Another Great Show! I love the apes in Power amour and may just have to root for them just a little against the intrepid do gooders.

Session 36: Great Apes
bislab bislab

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