Jack Earhart

Captain of the Lady Victoria Ann


Character: Captain Jack Earhart
Alias: The Captain
Player: Trevor

Age: 32
Location: Sector 8 Airfield( Metapol). Lives in hangar #15.
Music: SteamPunk Rock & Roll

Appearance: Greying Dark Brown Hair, Bloodshot Light Brown Eyes. He keeps himself up to outdated WWI standards, but does not wear any uniforms( Except for Veteran’s Day.). He does wear the Pilot’s Jacket, Cap, and Goggles. He is tall( 6 feet) and husky( 300 lbs.), but he has more muscle than fat.

Refresh: 1


  1. Russian to Fight- Goes into an unthinking rage when Russians are around.
  2. World Wise- Has travelled to Germany and Russia from England. He has, recently, arrived in Metapol with all of the experiences that he has gathered through his journeys.
  3. The Lady Victoria Ann( LVA-220001-MP)- This is his personal airplane.
  4. Body of Steel- Able to deal and take damage better than most people in various methods, because of his many years of working on Aircraft. Also able to lift more than others are able.
  5. Tools of the Trade- Has mastered the use of his personal trade tools. Able to use them as weapons as necessary.
  6. “Hold together…”- Able to jury-rig aircraft systems that are not working or malfunctioning. Uses anything from his body to his tools.
  7. Electrical Discharge Rifle- It discharges a high amount of electrical energy in a 5 foot arc. It is deisigned after the blunderbuss, but is unable to take any type of other ammunitions.


  1. Thump of Restoration
  2. Whatever’s on Hand
  3. Experimental Pilot
  4. Dog Fighter
  5. Experienced


  1. 3 Scholarship, Shooting, and Weapons
  2. 2 Fighting, Contacts, and Resources
  3. 4 Craft/Repair( Aircraft) and Pilot
  4. 1 Alertness, Discipline, and Driving
  5. All others at 0

Goal: He wants to have the most advanced airplane( The Lady of Victoria Ann) that is available. Seeks revenge for the death of his parents and the kidnapping of his brother( Mason).



Loved airplane and blimp type toys. Would use interconnecting toy blocks( like Constructs) to create his own ideas. Also, enjoyed the various war games. 10 years before the Great War began, most of his family was murdered by Russian agents. However, his older sister( Samantha)( by 5 years) raised him until he was drafted into the army. She is still alive and her twin Brother( Mason) was kidnapped by the Russian Agents.


At the age of 18, he had helped with the development of many smaller and personal aircraft. He was able to learn 3 languages( English, German, and Russian) and their methods of aircraft engineering. He had travelled within the Russian Border to learn more about those that he sought revenge against. While he was there, he had learned more about the reason behind his parents’ deaths. During the final years of the war, he had made enemies with the Russians due to what they had done to his family.

Family: Samantha Earhart( 37)- His older sister that raised him from eight years old. Mason Earhart( 38)- Twin of Samantha, older brother of Jack Earhart. Was Kidnapped by the Russians that killed their parents. The twins were born three minutes apart from each other( 11:59 am/12:01 pm)

Jack Earhart

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