Samantha Jenkins


(4)Great: Empathy
(3)Good: Discipline, Alertness
(2)Fair: Presence, Rapport, Investigation, Stealth
(1)Average: Crafting, Resources, Scholarship, Contacts, Weapons, Endurance, Fighting
• Face of an Angel
• Wall Flower
• I grew up with lots of brothers
• Have we met before?


Samantha Jenkins is a sweet, quiet girl who is short in stature with long dark brown hair. She has an unassuming beauty about her. Her appearance is well kept in blue petticoats and a brown dress with a bodice that has intricate blue embroidery. Often you’ll see her on the side working on embroidery seemingly unawares but she is actually people watching. She carries a large blue and brown carpet bag, in which she carries her embroidery projects and tools, among other things. The only girl out of 10 children she knows her way around a physical altercation. She frequents the hotspots of the whole social strata, constantly gathering information. Her embroidery is elaborate to any beholder, but to her it’s a chronicle of all the information she’s gathered.

Samantha Jenkins

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