Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Session 25: To Be or Not To Be

Players: Jamas, Jon, Marcus and Nick

HERE is part 1
HERE is part 2

The hunt for the killer continues as the heroes face waves upon waves of frothy mouthed… bureaucrats. The real currency of Metapol seems to be blackmail as the cast finds themselves hip deep in all sorts of sordid dealings.

The wrap up session to “The Other Hundagaurd”. This was fun. I had a great time getting back to a classic “who-dun-it” mystery. As always the players find unique ways to handle the situation and everyone walks away alive.

Session 24: The Other Hundagaurd
  • Players: Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick

It’s good to be home! Back in Metapol things have been strangely quite with the absence of the PC’s (amazing how quite things are with the people causing the mayhem out of town!). In this episode we finally meet the dastardly brother of Aldrick Hundagaurd, Tobias. It seems that elder brother needs some help from the guilds and guess who gets assigned to the case?

This one is a little shorter on actual game play than normal and we don’t quite finish in one session. Totally my fault! The wife and I were out house-hunting today and the thought of spending hundreds of thousand dollars made me a little exhausted.

Stormhaven: The Banker Strikes at Midnight.

Session 23
Players: Jamas, Jon, Nick

Here is part 1.

Wherein Ray Marlowe has flashbacks to his dark time in the jungle, Aldrick in a classic calvary charge does his best to behead a banker and Gavin enters mortal combat with a metal man! Join us for the last session in Stormhaven.

The players decide to leave the sandbox after this romp. Metapol beware! The PC’s are coming back to town.

Stormhaven - My Name Is Harris!

Session 22

Session 22 part 1 can be found here
Session 22 part 2 can be found here

Players: Abel, Jamas, Jon, Markus, Nick

Fun in the sun at Stormhaven Isle continues. Drena tells Keneth Allard all! “We are Adventurers!”. Mr. Marlow continues to grind his teeth in frustration as all his plots are spoiled and is positively appalled at the parties shocking display of truthfulness and honesty in the face of adversity! Has Mr. Bishop met the love of his life? And will she cause him to die of a heart attack before the engagement? All this as Drena warms up the live wires to deliver a well timed jolt to the family jewels of a live 3R captive!

I had fun with this one and I hope the players did as well. So much more got accomplished in my estimation, and the vacation will continue in the next episode. Possibly the best use of the “We’re the PC’s dammit!” line i’ve ever heard.

Stormhaven - The Vacation Saga Continues
Session 21
  • Players: Abel, Jamas, Jon, Marcus and Nick

  • Session 21 part 1 can be found here
  • Session 21 part 2 can be found here

Fun in the sun, exotic women (and men) to provide for your every need, horse back riding, para-sailing and nature walks, what else does a party of adventurers need? I’ll tell you what they need : bodies, blood and intrigue! The “vacation” continues on the isle of Stormahave…

Long in character debating happens in this episode as well. Remember guys, IF you want to speed things along with the debating, someone call for social combat! Otherwise, feel free to debate in character as much as you want, but remember that your enemies are plotting and planning as the clock tick, tick, ticks away.

Stormhaven - a great vacation spot.
Session 20
  • Players: Abel, Jams, Jon, Markus, Nick

  • Part 1 of 2 can be found here
  • Part 2 of 2 can be found here

A long overdue group confrontation out in the middle of nowhere leads to … what, exactly? After the recriminations are over and the ink is drying on the inter-character peace treaty (wherein the characters agree that Gavin has the right to live, etc.) the car ride home is made pleasant as the conversation turns to talk of murder and mayhem. Our fearsome five do manage to make it to Stormhaven in this episode and begin their exploration of this new sandbox.

The Duct-taped seductress

Session 19 Players: Abel, Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick

  • Part one of two can be found here
  • Part two of two can be found here

Bob Starlings confession begins in full swing as our heroes batten down the garage. A timely escape to visit Dr. Barba’s clinic with: 1 dead body, 1 duct-taped woman, 1 badly burned spy and 1 Power agent with a sucking chest wound leads to a midnight remodeling of the clinics waiting area. Dr. Barba is on vacation for this episode, won’t he be surprised when he returns? With Metapol and the world at the brink of a catastrophe, our heroes still find the time to bicker over hidden pasts and loyalties. Some good cigars are smoked and some good brandy is sampled.

This was a fun, but difficult one. Unlike most RPG’s, FATE has a mechanic whereby a PC or NPC CAN persuade another through social or mental conflict to change his opinion or sides in a verbal battle. The duct-taped seductress has claws in this regards and is able to mind-whip most of the boys into seeing things her way. My big take away from this plot was: the game isn’t about winning or loosing for your character. We’re all building a story together and sometimes loosing or changing your mind or sides of a battle makes for interesting story. Roll with it and play up your new conviction as if you had decided on it for yourself! As a game note, players may NEVER force another player into social or mental combat. You can ask for it, but the other side has to agree upon it and the stakes of winning or losing should be clearly defined before you start.

The one that goes BOOM

Session 18 Players: Abel, Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick, Richard

  • 1st part of episode 18 can be found here
  • 2nd and last part of episode 18 can be found here

Constantine’s rampage continues. This time, our heroes have to find and disarm a ticking time bomb or the city will suffer greatly. We are introduced (in brief) to the new rising boxing champ of Metapol…at least he wants to be! Topping off the episode, the enigmatic Bob Starling makes his debut.

Richard joins us for this one, but due to a connection problem we just don’t get to hear much from him.

Spy Vs. Spy

Session 17 Players: Ben, Jon, Marcus and Nick.

  • First part of session 17 can be found here
  • Second part of session 17 can be found here

Hot spy on spy action! In this session a gentleman learns the proper way to enter a woman’s home, The Doctor’s car is not wrecked and the Hundegard family name is laden heavy with shame.

The Problem With The French
Session 16
  • The first part of this session can be found here
  • The second and last part can be found here

Players: Abel, Ben, Jamas, Jon and Nick

The underground politics of Metapol come to a head as an old friend needs help out of a sticky situation. The spy-counter-spy action is so thick a casually thrown brick is sure to hit an undercover agent! Guaranteed to provide the U.S.R.D.A recommend amounts of plot threads, loose ends and player complications. A new recording computer was used on this session, so let me know if the quality and ability to hear the players has improved.


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