Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Deadlands Noir - The Dark Heart of the City session 1

Players: Chris, Jamas, Richard, Nick, and Sharon

Here is part 1

Since August of 2016 our group has been playing Deadlands: Noir, another long-form campaign using the Savage Worlds system. The players are static for this one and Chris, Jamas, Nick, Sharon and Richard join us for most episodes. In the feed tonight is session 1, part 1 of The Dark Heart of the City.

Breakfast Cult

Players: Chris, Stephen and Nick

The Breakfast Cult

Breakfast Cult is in the feed tonight a FATE Accelerated game of horror and hyjinx! Our players were: Nick, Stephen and Chris. If you’re catching this podcast before April the 15th, 2017, kindly checkout The Umerican Survival Guide a Dungeon Crawl Classics take on post apocalyptic role playing that I did some work on.

Capers part 2

Players: Jamas, Michael, Sharon and Stephen

Capers part 2

In the feed tonight is the next and final segment of our Capers! playtest. The game is currently in beta and is written and designed by Craig Campbell. Craig has finished a successful Kickstarter for the role playing game: Murders and Acquisitions which can currently be found on drivethrurpg.com

Capers part 1

In the feed tonight is Capers! A game currently in playtest and being written and developed by Craig Campbell. Craig’s currently available game Murders and Acquisitions can be found on drivethru RPG (http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/191519/Murders—Acquisitions-RPG) after having a successful kickstarter that funded it. Check out Craig’s other work on the Nerdburger Show (http://www.nerdburgershow.com/).

Players in this game were: Sharon, Michael, Stephen and Jamas.

The episode can be found Here

The Final Girl

Players: Richard, Nick, Stephen, Sharon and Bert

The FInal Girl

We try our hand at a cooperative game called The Final Girl. This models the tropes found in slasher/horror flicks where each player takes control of a particular cast member in each scene instead of playing only one character. Over the course of the game, all but one of the cast will die in horrible, horrible ways, leaving only The Final Girl. Stephen, Sharon, Nick and Richard join me in this one.

Shadowrun: Anarchy!

The players in this one were: Richard, Sharon, Stephen and Kikka. A NEW Marcus played for a bit in the first hour but ended up dropping out. Not our usual Marcus mind you.

Here it is in one recording

Shadowrun: Anarchy is a rules-lite version of the game Shadowrun put out by Catalyst Game Labs. All the fluff, background and action you love with less crunch!

Deadlands Noir: Dark Heart of the City session Zero

Players: Chris, Richard, Sharon, Jamas and Nick.

Here it is in one session.

Here’s something a little different tonight in the feed. This is session ZERO to our Deadlands: Noir game. There is not actual game play here, rather it’s us sitting around and talking about the game to come and the characters to be featured.

The Sprawl Session 1

Players: Sharon, Kati, Richard, Jamas, Stephen and Michael

Session 1, part 1
Session 1, part 2

We have a new voice on our actual plays! Everyone, welcome Michael to our gaming group!

This is the start of a new campaign in a game called The Sprawl which is a Powered by the Apocalypse style game set in a dystopian, cyber future.

Vs. Ghosts our Halloween offering this year

Players: Richard, Kikka, Nick and jamas

Here is the recording in one 3 hours block

Vs. Ghosts is a light RPG playing in the “Ghost Busting” genre. We revisit our Ghosts Be Gone franchise for this game.

The Black Hat

The Black Hat a ‘hack’ of The Black Hack by Peter Reagan that I’ve been working on. An OSR style game in the western genre. Jamas, Stephen, Richard and Nick play in this one. The first 45 minutes are system talk and character creation, so feel free to skip ahead to the story if such talk is not to your liking. This was a one shot.


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