Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Of Steam, Steel and Murder Season 3 Episode 3
Cabin In the Woods

OOPS…… forgot to post this when I updated the feed

Part 1
Part 2
Post game talk
Pre-game chatter

Another FATE Accelerated adventure using a skills list paired with approaches. The players were: Jamas, Stephen and Richard.

Deadlands: Tales From the Shattered Coast Session 23

Players: Sharon, Jamas and Richard

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

…and our Deadlands game plugs along. We’re down a preacher-man and Nick’s availability changes here so we say a fond goodbye to Gideon. In a few sessions Chris will join us taking up the character of Eddy who gets a boost from NPC to PC status.

Of Steam, Steel and Murder Season 3 - Strange Collector

Players: Jamas, Richard, Kemp and Stephen

Welcome back to another SSM game in season 3! We’re still using the FATE Accelerated rules without any modifications. We also have a new player joining us —-KEMP! Kemp joins us from our public forums which is a GREAT place to get in on a game if you are interested.

We continue Season 3 with another mystery being solved by the newly graduated squad of investigators.

NOT in the feed is the third part listed here, which is a discussion on how FAE worked for us.

NOTE: I mistakenly name ‘Chris’ instead of ‘Stephen’ as a player in the introduction to the second recording. Chris, sadly did not get to play in this session and Stephen certainly did!

Here is part 1
Here is part 2
and…Here is our post game discussion.

Deadlands Tales From the Shattered Coast Session 22

Players: Richard, Jamas, Nick and Sharon

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

We continue our march through “The Flood”. This was session 22 recorded on November 9th 2013. We are currently at session 28 played in the month of April of 2014. We’re almost caught up!

Deadlands: Tales From the Shattered Coast Sessions 20 and 21

I forgot to post here the last two recordings that went up to the feed. Deadlands session 20 parts 1 and 2 are listed here, along with the two new sessions to the feed session 21, parts 1 and 2. Sorry about that!

*The players were: Sharon, Jamas and Richard.

Here is session 20 part 1

Here is session 20 part 2

Here is session 21 part 1

Here is session 21 part 2

SSM Season 3 Session 1
Feeling Japanese

Players: Jamas, Richard, Chris, Stephen

Season 3 starts and we kick it off with a good and proper murder investigation. We also have a new voice on this recording – Stephen- also known as ‘Shush’ on the boards. Also, Chris – ‘Quartzman’ on the boards- joins us for the first time for an SSM adventure. You may have heard Chris before on a few of our other one-shots.

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

We try out the FATE Accelerated rules or FAE for short. The exact rules-set for Season three has not been decided yet so the first several sessions of the season will be us muddling through FAE and FATE Core.

There’s about 30 minutes at the end of part 2 where we discuss what we thought about FAE.

Also mentioned was the podcast D&D Academy, who produce an actual play Deadlands game using FAE. Give ’em a listen.

Deadlands: Tales From the Shattered Coast session 19
Session 19

Players: Jamas, Richard, Sharon and Nick

Here is part 1.
Here is part 2.

Time to ‘cowboy up’ and join us in our next Deadlands session. The worthy PC’s seek out the Necessity Alliance in this session.

Deadlands: Tales From the Shattered Coast session 18

Players: Nick, Sharon, Richard and Jamas

Here is part 1.

Here is part 2.

The Deadlands game marches on! This is session 18 we just played session 27.

Shadowrun: Dreamchipper continues
Shadowrun Dreamchipper

Players:Jamas, Joshua, Sharon, Eldon, Chris and Richard

The Shadowrun game via the Leverage/Cortex game continues! I’ll post all the episodes on this thread as I complete them. Richard joins us in session 5

Here is part 2
Here is part 3
Here is part 4
Here is part 5
Here is part 6
Here is part 7

Shadowrun Dream Chipper

Shadowrun Dream Chipper session 1

Players: Jamas, Sharon, Chris, Joshua and Eldon

I’ve been having a mad itch to scratch lately, and that itch is Shadowrun. Every version of Shadowrun from 1 to the most current incarnation of 5th edition has been rather … heavy, rules wise. So I decide to break out the old Leverage game from Margarett Weiss productions and give it a go using the Cortex system. This game is set firmly in the original Shadowrun Universe circa 2050 and we are playing through the Dream Chipper scenario written for the first edition of the game. Enjoy!

Here is part 1 of session 1
Here is part 2 of session 1


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