Character Generation

Basic on the fly character creation* – This is for quick character generation or for those not used to the FATE or FUDGE systems.

Step 1 -
  • Come up with a central idea for your character that can be summed up in a statement. Not only will this give you a feel for your character but it also becomes your first aspect. Examples: “Hard drinking reporter”, “Heavily armed Cop on a mission”, “Man on the run”.
  • Pick your primary skill.
  • Pick a goal your character is trying to achieve. Examples: Bring “X” to justice, Crush your rivals, etc.

That’s it. The rest of your character can be fleshed out “in game”. If a skill becomes important during play and you don’t have it, fill it in on your character sheet at the rank you would like to have it at.

Advanced or full character creation

For people familiar with FATE/FUDGE or want more control over there character from the start.

  • 25 skill points to spend. See rank for cost.
  • for each skill at Great(4) or better choose a specialty for that skill. This specialty should be limited in scope and acts as a free aspect that can be invoked without spending a fate chip ONCE per scene. An example: Athletics(4), specialty Weight training (gives aspect bonus to a strength move)
  • 6 aspects
  • 6 refresh that you can use to buy stunts
  • Pick a goal your character is trying to achieve.
In Game Character Progression
  • Skills are the same cost as here.
  • You may now buy skills past great (superb=5pts, fantastic=6pts, epic=7 pts)
  • Skills take 1 in game week to progress one level. You may increase as many skills as you have ranks in discipline per each of those weeks.
  • 10pts for 1 refresh
  • Stunts can still be bought by using refresh
  • Gain 1 new aspect for every 5 games you have played in.
  • Gain 1 new refresh for every 5 games you have played in.
  • You may between any session swap out an old aspect for a new one if you in game have a reason to do so.
  • Experience points may be used to get rid of consequences at any time, 1 exp. per point of consequence.
  • NEW Once a character has spent 30 exp. on skills (after character creation) , he no longer advances as normal, instead the following rules are used.

    1. Total number of games continue to be calculated and the character continues to earn 1 refresh and 1 aspect for every five games.
    2. The character continues to earn exp. points and may continue to purchase refresh but may no longer purchase skills normally.
    3. At the end of each session you may spend 1 exp. to increase one skill or purchase a new skill at base – you must continue to follow skill stacking rules and it still takes one week of in-game time to learn a new skill level.
    4. At the end of a session you may upgrade one skill and downgrade another – keeping your skill stacking rules in mind. -This might represent your focusing on improving one skill while letting another slide.

Character Generation

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