are abilities that not everyone is born with. They represent a certain innate skill, or just something that makes you different in this world. Each stunt costs you 1 refresh point unless otherwise noted, and no character can have less than 1 refresh at any time. Stunts can only be used ONCE per scene.

  • experienced – this give you 5 more skill points to spend and allows you to have a single skill rated at Superb. This may be bought up to 2 times and it is assumed that your character is older and has experienced more in life. The second time you take it will cost you (2) refresh, not (1). So your total cost for buying this twice would be (3) refresh.
  • Photographic/eidetic memory – this allows your character to have complete recall of any situation he has seen or heard. A roll may be called for by the GM if you are needing to recall something complex in a short amount of time or under trying circumstances. This also grants a +2 with fate chip expenditure to any Scholar skill roll.
  • Alchemy – this isn’t just a skill. The character has a particular bend of mind that allows very different methods of thinking. This adds +2 to any creation skill or scholar skill. This is ALSO a skill to itself that can only be bought with refresh. This stunt as a SKILL allows the creation of alchemical formula and devices with a proper laboratory.
  • Danger sense – +2 to any Alertness roll that has the potential to get the character into a dangerous situation. This does not come into play if the character already knows that the situation is dangerous.
  • Tough – each purchase of this give you 1 extra consequence to use; in this order of purchase: Mild, Moderate, Severe. This can only be purchased 3 times and each buy costs an additional refresh, so: Mild costs (1), Moderate costs (2) and Severe costs (3) for a total of 6 refresh. NOTE that it is not possible for a beginning character to buy this 3 times as it would leave you at 0 refresh. The cost is given for later purchase through experience.
  • Fleet – Your character moves fast. Instead of 1 zone per round, your character can move 2. This does not cost a fate point.
  • Born investigator – Your character has a certain “feel” for things out of place. This grants a +2 to investigation or any roll that allows you time to survey an area, thing or person and gather information from the roll.
  • Born to kill – +2 to your choice of Fighting, Weapons or shooting skills used in a particular way, example: Shooting – shotguns, Weapons – Big Knife, Fighting – Wrestling. This can be purchased multiple times to get the bonus on each.
  • Well connected – substitute your contact skill for any resource skill roll needed when trying to acquire an item.
  • Other stunts are possible, in general they give you a +2 to a roll or a like ability that has a narrow focus and does not generally cost a fate point to use. A stunt may also allow you to swap one skill for another for use in a limited way (see “well connected” above). Stunts may only be used ONCE per scene. Discuss with the GM if you have something in mind.
  • stunts

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