Of Steam, Steel and Murder.

Game System:
A Fate/Fudge

Game Time:
Saturdays @ 7:00PM Eastern time
Software Needed:
For the time being, only
Skype and Maptools

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Comments, questions or interested in joining? Leave email at:steamsteelmurder@gmail.com
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The fog

obscured my movements. Like most nights here in Metapol, the electricity being broadcast by the Tesla plants create a lot of water vapor when the temperatures drop. Tonight, I was thankful for
the cover it brought. My Babbage Portable Engine was heavy. State of the art equipment they say, but the bloody thing still weighs the better part of twenty pounds. I’d just carried myself and this luggage five blocks through the cities sewers and emerged through a selected man hole cover. The sewer muck clung in great greasy clumps to my overcoat, but the maintenance of
high fashion would have to wait till this run was over. A thick, steel door bars the way to the now empty tenement that is my goal. A puff of smoke and the doors security features
overload as I apply enough pressure to shear through the doors bolts. I still miss my left arm now and then, but I have to say this mechanical graft I wear in its place does come in
handy. Up two flights of stairs and I’m in a room with a nice view of the building across the street. The BPE is plugged in and set to record as I finish placing the shotgun microphone
on a tripod that I have facing out the window. A chair conveniently left in the corner of the mostly bare room provides a good perch as I settle in for a long night’s surveillance. Seems
like the Guilds are plotting again and it’s my job to catch them in the act.


to my role playing game of a dark alternate history.  Many
things may seem familiar to you.  Some names, places and
events share our own reality.  I purposely leave exact dates
and times nebulous.  Your characters will know of course, but
I want to keep the players guessing.  The overall state of
technology is very similar to what we have now:  cell phones,
televisions, cars, etc., but all the devices are built on larger
scales.  Integrated circuits and miniaturization technology
has not been invented.  Most objects of technology are heavy
and ungainly, but crafted in a way to make them individual works of
art.  Guilds control things much in the way that large
corporations do today.  There is no mass-manufacturing
available.  If one wants a new car, one contracts the proper
guild to have the car built to agreed upon specifications. 
Most all business is handled this way.  Power is provided by a
central broadcasting plant, a Tesla Plant that provides all the power
the city needs to operate.  The plant has an affective range
that limits the size the city can be, outside this area other small
plants or combustion power (steam primarily) must be used. 
The power is provided as a service for all who live in the city,
operational expenses are part of one’s taxes.  Huge, gas
filled zeppelins provide shipping and transportation needs between
cities.  Broadcast powered busses and pneumatic subway cars
provide mass transit for the populace.  The style of clothing
harkens back to an age of refinement.  A man isn’t properly
dressed without a coat, vest and hat; while the properly dressed lady
will sport a many layered dress or a smart vest with shirt, and
colorful leggings.  The setting is decidedly steampunk with
some Victorian sensibilities, but placed in a city and climate that are
more akin to our 1800’s New York.  The game is open to any
that have access to the internet and Skype with some reliance on other
freely available software for dice rolling and virtual tabletop
use.  Please contact us at steamsteelmurder@gmail.com if
you are interested in joining our game.  Games are episodic,
meant to run in a 4-5 hour span with all plots tied up neatly that
night, offering players the opportunity to  game as they will
with no obligation to show up for future games unless so inclined.
 A schedule with sign up sheets will be provided as this site
develops.  All games will be recorded and offered as a podcast.