Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Computer Disaster!

Well, the only Windows computer that I have in the house (unfortunately it IS the recording computer) died as I was trying to edit audio for the Podcast feed. Why do I use the windows box you ask? ….well, Powergrammo (the recording software I use) is Windows ONLY. I’m going to try and get something setup for the weekend so I can get back into the gaming and podcasting. I’ll keep people posted. Likely i’m going to have to build a new computer and find new software to use for the actual recordings as I don’t have the original Windows disks anymore to do the re-install – also windows 7 doesn’t like your hardware to change too much or it thinks you’re trying to pirate it. The hard drives are fine, and I still have all the terabytes of audio that still needs to be edited. None of that was lost. Anyways, I’ll keep you guys posted.


bislab bislab

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