Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Episode 3. Climbing the Guild Ladder

Players in this episode: Abel, Marcus and Brian. 1 exp. each, central crime unsolved but did get a secondary one!

Murder most foul…again. This time the body is found in a factory with clues leading to one sure villain, or do they? Drena contemplates adoption, Daniel calls in favors for ANOTHER voice recorder and Dr. Wraithbone has a sky pirate fetish.

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just started listening to the podcast and so this is way out of date, but if you remember could they have tracked the rascal through:

- checking the city babbage engine for assignments/process
- checking letter routing/location
- checking telephone records for tall gentleman/phone outside of the factory

or did they resolve this later and should i just keep listening?


This was too many years ago for me to remember, but I will say in general: There are plenty of ‘unsolved’ cases that happen. I don’t always TELL the characters that they’ve gotten thing wrong or missed the actual villain. I give ‘brilliant ideas’ lots of screen time, so if any of your suggestions were brought up by a character in play then I generally say yes or make them roll for it.

Also, in general, unanswered questions do get resolved in later sessions and things the group miss do come back to haunt them.


Thanks for the reply. Turns out one just has to wait for next episode at the end.

Enjoyable Game thus far as well.

bislab bislab

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