Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Nothing on the feed this week


Labor Day gave me an extended weekend that I spent primarily with the wife, so no audio got edited to post on the feed. Yes, yes I know there are terabytes of recorded audio sitting on this hard drive…right…here. Yup, sitting right there…unedited and not compressed into .mp3 format for podcast distribution. I may get something up (likely a Deadlands recording) mid-week, but until then the SSM feed goes silent.

You other GM’s that are part of the community, if you have something cleaned up, compressed and can give it an audio introduction and want me to slide a game or two into the feed, let me know. I’d prefer it be a one-shot or up to a 3 session mini-campaign that I can post over time. I’d be glad to also put a first episode of a longer game up if you want to include an intro or outro telling listeners how/where they can find the rest of your game.


bislab bislab

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