Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Session 24: The Other Hundagaurd


  • Players: Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick

It’s good to be home! Back in Metapol things have been strangely quite with the absence of the PC’s (amazing how quite things are with the people causing the mayhem out of town!). In this episode we finally meet the dastardly brother of Aldrick Hundagaurd, Tobias. It seems that elder brother needs some help from the guilds and guess who gets assigned to the case?

This one is a little shorter on actual game play than normal and we don’t quite finish in one session. Totally my fault! The wife and I were out house-hunting today and the thought of spending hundreds of thousand dollars made me a little exhausted.


For some reason, this struck me as synchronis http://xkcd.com/805/

Session 24: The Other Hundagaurd
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