Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Session 28: Friendly Fire


Players: Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick

Here is the first part.
Here is the corrected second part.

The gang checks into Tesla’s private laboratory at the edge of Metapol and runs into some surprises. Mr. Bishop simply can not take any more abuse from the party and rolls a grenade at them! Take that you mouthy P.I! Tesla’s secrets are plundered, but not by the detectives! Who has bypassed Tesla’s fiendish defenses and made off with his latest research, and what will the repercussions be!

I started this one off during Tesla’s funeral and intended to do a flash back to the prior week showcasing how the characters have been spending their downtime. Surprise! The characters instead plan and execute an assault upon Tesla’s private lab. It makes the beginning something of a non-sequitur as there is no “flashback” scene to put it into context, but things will resolve in the next episode. We’ve been away for a bit and our recordings have been spotty over the holidays, but man was it good to get back into the game again.


Hi Bislab, long time listener, first time commenter here. Just wanted to point out that the second part is only 3MB in size and cuts out after about 20 minutes. Btw, you guys are one of my favourite AP podcasts out there. Keep up the good work! :D

Session 28: Friendly Fire

Thank you for the comments! I had know idea it wasn’t working right. I will track down the culprit and perform vile and dark deeds upon him. Seriously, with any luck Jamas has good backup recordings from that night and I can re-edit and repost it.

Session 28: Friendly Fire
bislab bislab

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