Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Session 44: Poisoned Pen


Players:Nick, Jamas, Joshua, John, Guilt, Sharon

Here is part 1.
Here is part 2.

Sewer stomping has never been so much fun as … no, wait, it still isn’t much fun. The assault on stately Dare manor is delayed as recon work is done. Elizabeth is used as bait in a daring plan to catch the murderous agent responsible for killing the wives and children of the captured engineers. Meanwhile the farmers outside Metapol continue to drink beer and rejoice in their NOT living in Metapol proper.

Some of the in game planning was cut down by some in character posts on the forum. The GM strongly suggest that such things continue. Even so, more plotting happens but action is had in the end. This one starts slow folks, but the last hour is fireworks!


Marlow’s like a big baby when it comes to combat. He doesn’t want to get in there, but once he’s in, it’s stabby, stabby, stabby!

Session 44: Poisoned Pen

Actually, Marlowe didn’t even swing his baton this entire session….This makes Marlowe a sad bear….:(

Session 44: Poisoned Pen
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