Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Session 51: The Enemy Of My Enemy


Players:Nick, Joshua, Marcus, Sharon, Guilt and Jamas

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

Dare’s speech strengthens the spines of Metopoleans everywhere! The rousing state of the union is followed by a lavish dinner where wealthy patrons donate to help build new much needed hospitals and orphanages about the town. A surprise guest is introduced to our daring team, one they aren’t exactly glad to meet. Our guest has a need for the illustrious Guild Investigators though, and despite some debate as to who exactly they should be helping, the professional team of troubleshooters take on the challenge!

I’m back in the GM’s seat for this one. I must say there is some great role playing of characters going on here. Some very heated, passionate debate on the nature of evil and if the ends truly justify the means, and all done VERY much in character. Bravo!


bislab bislab

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