Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Session 57: Slippery When Wet


Players: Nick, Marcus, Jamas, Joshua, J.Guilt

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

Ethan Thane has moved into his posh new mansion in district 1, taking on quite a bit of debt in the doing. Mr. Thane has also stepped down from his position with the Cheka and has opened his home for a house warming party with a guest list comprised of Metapol’s finest celebrities and public officials. It all seems off to a good start, but what’s a house warming without a corpse?

Sharon, get better! This was a fun little interlude session. I didn’t have the spare time to game prep for our big expedition to Egypt, so instead you get this. Some really great thinking on the players’ part for this session, I may have handed out the most Fate chips ever in this adventure.


bislab bislab

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