Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Stormhaven - My Name Is Harris!


Session 22

Session 22 part 1 can be found here
Session 22 part 2 can be found here

Players: Abel, Jamas, Jon, Markus, Nick

Fun in the sun at Stormhaven Isle continues. Drena tells Keneth Allard all! “We are Adventurers!”. Mr. Marlow continues to grind his teeth in frustration as all his plots are spoiled and is positively appalled at the parties shocking display of truthfulness and honesty in the face of adversity! Has Mr. Bishop met the love of his life? And will she cause him to die of a heart attack before the engagement? All this as Drena warms up the live wires to deliver a well timed jolt to the family jewels of a live 3R captive!

I had fun with this one and I hope the players did as well. So much more got accomplished in my estimation, and the vacation will continue in the next episode. Possibly the best use of the “We’re the PC’s dammit!” line i’ve ever heard.


If any one is interested the Stormhaven “sandbox” was written by Michael Stackpole and can still be found here

Stormhaven - My Name Is Harris!

is it safe for players to look at, considering we’re still there?

Stormhaven - My Name Is Harris!

Yes. I used the ideas in the broadest sense, changed many things here and there. It’s a nice sandbox product in general.

Stormhaven - My Name Is Harris!
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