Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Stormhaven - The Vacation Saga Continues


Session 21
  • Players: Abel, Jamas, Jon, Marcus and Nick

  • Session 21 part 1 can be found here
  • Session 21 part 2 can be found here

Fun in the sun, exotic women (and men) to provide for your every need, horse back riding, para-sailing and nature walks, what else does a party of adventurers need? I’ll tell you what they need : bodies, blood and intrigue! The “vacation” continues on the isle of Stormahave…

Long in character debating happens in this episode as well. Remember guys, IF you want to speed things along with the debating, someone call for social combat! Otherwise, feel free to debate in character as much as you want, but remember that your enemies are plotting and planning as the clock tick, tick, ticks away.


bislab bislab

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