Of Steam, Steel and Murder

The Duct-taped seductress


Session 19 Players: Abel, Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick

  • Part one of two can be found here
  • Part two of two can be found here

Bob Starlings confession begins in full swing as our heroes batten down the garage. A timely escape to visit Dr. Barba’s clinic with: 1 dead body, 1 duct-taped woman, 1 badly burned spy and 1 Power agent with a sucking chest wound leads to a midnight remodeling of the clinics waiting area. Dr. Barba is on vacation for this episode, won’t he be surprised when he returns? With Metapol and the world at the brink of a catastrophe, our heroes still find the time to bicker over hidden pasts and loyalties. Some good cigars are smoked and some good brandy is sampled.

This was a fun, but difficult one. Unlike most RPG’s, FATE has a mechanic whereby a PC or NPC CAN persuade another through social or mental conflict to change his opinion or sides in a verbal battle. The duct-taped seductress has claws in this regards and is able to mind-whip most of the boys into seeing things her way. My big take away from this plot was: the game isn’t about winning or loosing for your character. We’re all building a story together and sometimes loosing or changing your mind or sides of a battle makes for interesting story. Roll with it and play up your new conviction as if you had decided on it for yourself! As a game note, players may NEVER force another player into social or mental combat. You can ask for it, but the other side has to agree upon it and the stakes of winning or losing should be clearly defined before you start.


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