Alexander Barba M.D.


Alexander barba

Goal: thrill of the hunt and make the world a better place.

Superb: Scholarship(Medicine)(Extra Languages: French, German, Spanish, Native American)
great: Resources(staffed office), Survival(Tacking), Shooting(gas gun)
good: Rapport, Contacts , Empathy, Alertness
fair: Athletics , Discipline, Conviction ,Deceit,
average: Investigation, Driving, Endurance,Presence,Stealth


Forensic Medicine(use scholarship for investigations).
Experienced(+5 skills points and can have one skill at superb).

Gadget: knockout gas.
Base gadget: is a stun grenade with these improvements:
Futurization (aeresol or spray needle)
upgrade (+2 to damage for stun affect)
—flammable, green**

Gadget upgrade to knockout gas:‘new formula’
contact gas(can knock out vi skin contact)
immunity (also pills to give +4 to resist to others last 8 hours in system)
—no longer flammable, now blue.

Gadget: Moble crime lab
Miniaturization, +2 Forensics and investigations,
unnamed addon.

“my what a large doctors bag you have.”
“I was in the war you know”
“is there a doctor in the house”
“you have blood on your shirt.”
“morbid curiosity”
“holds himself in high regard”
“here is my card”
“rails under a redcross”

Health stress track: [][][]
Will stress track: [][][]
Face stress track: [][][]


Alexander was a doctor of some renowned before the war broke out. on it starting he was enlisted to be a doctor in the war. He had seen his fair share of war over his enlistment time. One day he came across a group of French soldiers who have been attacked he treated them much as you would any other. He saved the life of one of the soldiers who later when on to excape and kill the commander(rank left for Bert if he is used) son who was also serving in the war. the commander has never forgave him for this and blames Alex for his sons death. the rest of this service Alexander got sent on worse and worst suicide missions by this commander.

He knew he must get somewhere with government had less control. this lead him to think of the new world where the guilds had more control. Hearing about all the work Tesla had done on non-lethal weapons he picked metapol and set up shop there. after a while he missed the thrill combats. He had a some items stolen from his house and Before the cops even where able to show up he had figure out that it was his neighbor. this was what he was missing to fill the void of excitement. he spent some time training needed skills to do this on a more regular basis. then used his resources and clout to get a position with a guild investigating crimes.

Description: Alexander stands at a height of 6’3" With a medium build, blue eyes and in his mid 40’s. He has Brown hair with a full beard that is decently groomed. he is usually wearing a three-piece suit with collarless vest and a tie. so desensitized to blood that he offen forgets that he has blood on his clothing.

he always has on him an over-sized doctor’s bag which inside is set up like a small train case. The case was made of a fine leather with red cross panted on the side. It unzipped at the top and fold out into tiered trays on each side. The right side is dedicated to investigation while the last sided is for a medical work. Underneath the main compartment is the hidden compartment which contains some canisters. This contains the knockout gas he had discovered in the war but is also sometimes used it in his practice. Attached to the canister is a device for spaying the gas as well as a way to fill smaller canisters for throwing.

Office Workers: Physician Assistants = Phillip Monroe, daytime nurse = Kathleen “Kate” , daytime/night time nurse = Rebecca “Becky” , night time nurse = Abigail Banks, janitor = “scruffy”

Alexander Barba M.D.

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