Aldrick (von) Hundaguard

No mountain too tall, no site too distant, no book too long.

Level Skills
Epic +7 Weapons
Fantastic +6 Empathy Investigation
Superb +5 Scholarship Contacts Presence
Great +4 Pilot Athletics Guns Conviction
Good +3 Rapport Stealth Deceit Resources Endurance
Fair +2 Survival Discipline Alertness Perform (writing) Contorting Might
Average +1 Burglary Repair Fists Driving Perform (sketching) Cryptography Etiquette


Empathy: Tell me about your problems
Scholarship: I may Have Read That!
Investigation: Archaeologist’s eye
Weapons: The Swordsman’s Art
Presence: Blood speaks true
Athletics: Rough footing
Contacts: High Society
Guns: Hellwaffe
Pilot: Eye on the currents
Conviction: There is Right and there is Wrong


Arabic, English, French, German, Italian and Latin


While once his goal was to live the legends and myths he’s read of and explore the world, now he is driven by a need to right the wrongs of his Brother and restore honour to his family


  1. Courtly Manner
  2. Ostracised Aristocrat
  3. Dangerous Discoveries
  4. Infamous Family
  5. Brain in the Books
  6. Kind and Careful
  7. The Society is a way of life
  8. Tired of all this
  9. Noblesse Oblige
  10. I am Not a tomb robber, I’m an Archaeologist
  11. WANTED!
  12. Buried rails in golden houses
  13. With Zeal and Fury
  14. Striking in more than one sense


8 refresh points

Personal artefact: Exceptional quality sword, EisenZahn is made of high quality alloys and is more durable and resistant than other weapons.
Matter of pride: EisenZahn is a treasured item and so Aldrick’s confidence is increased granting +1 to presence.
Reminder of past glories: EisenZahn adds +1 to endurance as it reminds Aldrick of his families past glories and spurs him on to victory.

Book of Secrets: Aldrick can often second guess uncomfortable subjects and sensitive areas, allowing him to use empathy instead of intimidation when in a social conflict.

Glider pack: The Icarian cloak is light weight to the point of being portable. Because of its unique design and make up it is hard to spot in low light and does not appear on all but the most advanced detection systems.
The experimental nature of its design means that it is able to take advantage of even the slightest thermal or gust of wind to travel greater distances.

Hellwaffe: A modified laser arm from one of Allard’s robots. The Hellwaffe or bright weapon is a compact version using a short pulse/burst function to minimise the power usage. Roughly the size of a mishapen rifle with a narrow barrel filled with focusing lenses.
Aspects: Super heated, adjustable, miniaturised.

Flawless Parry: With expert sword-work Hundaguard gains a +3 to all out defence actions.

Riposte: If a weapons defensive action by +2 or greater it also inflicts 1 box of physical stress.


Aldrick was born to a noble family near the black forest.
Being the younger son gave him many freedoms, all that was expected of him was to maintain the estate in his brothers absence.
During his youth he took a scholarly interest in the world, studying history and myth.
In time his fascination caused him to seek out a real adventure to curb his appetites for civilisations lost and lands unseen.
His long absence led to fraternal conflict, his brother later severing all ties to him. With nothing but an empty title, a family heirloom and the books his brother never cared for, he left to become an explorer for the remainder of his days.
Although not entirely in agreement with guild policies, Aldrick supports the ideas of a collective body dedicated to learning and creating. His family however have developed a long standing enmity with the guilds, ‘donating’ heavily in return for a certain understanding.

Thin, aquiline visage, pale skin tone slightly tanned in places. Light blond hair, once well maintained and since grown wild. A well tailored set of outdoor clothes including a dark blue overcoat and a set of hard leather boots. He also carries a sword given to him by his grand father although he dislikes fighting.


Extract from the amended biography of Aldrick Von Hundaguard, 13th successor to the family name

The Hundaguard estate, a summer 17 years past.
Carstein Von Hundaguard (the family head) was spending most of his days secluded in talks concerning the families position within the German hierarchy, leaving his heirs in the care of the previous family head, who had stepped down for his son.

Tobias Hundaguard (the elder son) spent most of this time engaged in physical sport and lessons, while Aldrick Hundaguard (the younger) focussed on his studies of literature.
The family patriarch (Mattius Hundaguard) ignored both children to an equal extent till certain events took place.
As a noble of the older school he considered both his grandchildren lacking, one was too arrogant in his position, while the other did not seem to understand the duty that he should be preparing for, turning into a pasty skinned official.
He watched with mild interest as the elder by two years started antagonising the younger, a practice sabre in hand having come fresh from lessons. The younger failed to respond, driving Tobias to greater lengths, eventually snatching the book away and holding his sibling back with the point of his blade.
As his brother began destroying the book, Aldrick in a cold rage, grabbed the blade with complete disregard for his hand (by tradition all heirs were trained with true blades rather then blunted foils) and landed a blow upon his astonished brother which knocked him against the stone ornaments, dislodging his left Canine.

It was at this point that Mattius intervened, bringing both boys to course. He learnt that Tobias had wished to tease his brother into giving up his books in favour of learning how to truly live up to his name.
When questioned separately, Mattius explained to Aldrick that he would need to know more than how to read in order to be the best he could. To which Aldrick replied that he believed if he knew what actions had been taken by those before him, he could best serve his house, and so his brothers destruction of a book (a journal of the 3rd head of house) had made the house poorer.

This sparked the old man’s interest, the child may be pasty but he was humble, he may not know how to fight but he still threw aside any regard for his health to protect the families future.
He took a greater amount of time in schooling Aldrick in the ways of the old nobility, who had had to earn their house and name.

And so upon his death, Mattius passed down the families sword, altered according to the wishes of the last bearer for the successor. He did not give it to his own son who was already the head of the house, nor to the elder heir as one would expect, but to the younger in the hopes he would become a loyal protector in service to the family name.

The sword was changed, from the straight quillons and winged pommel showing the dedication of the late Mattius to the holy church, to a bronzed hand guard with a pommel of a hound’s fang.
Thus was the sword renamed EisenZahn, the Iron Tooth, a reminder of the sentiments of that hot summer day and as a less than subtle reminder to the first heir.

Aldrick (von) Hundaguard

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