Anton LeVey


Physical Description

Neat and tidy are words that come to mind when viewing Anton. He’s slender but tall with a shaved head and a carefully manicured goatee that is as sharp as his wit. He wears odd colored glasses (one lens is red, the other gold) and his clothes are well tailored but no color breaks the well pressed lines of his all black wardrobe.


  • Globe trotting Gonzo News Reporter
  • A sharp wit and biting sarcasm cuts deeper than swords
  • I can end your career with a swipe of my pen
  • You can’t keep a secret hidden from a good journalist
  • Fightin’ drunk
  • Mad for the truth


SuperbInvestigation (Information Analysis)
GreatPerform (writing), Scholarship (English, German, Spanish)
GoodDeceit, Alertness, Rapport
FairContacts, Presence, Conviction, Endurance
AverageEmpathy, Burglary, Resources, Stealth, weapons, Athletics
Stress tracks
Health[ ] [ ] [ ]
Will[ ] [ ] [ ]
Face[ ] [ ] [ ]


  • Experienced (5 extra build points at start)
  • Photographic memory (total recall and a +2 to scholarship rolls with a chip spend)
  • Device (telescope/magnifying glasses) – normal use as a scope magnifying or telescoping (+2 to investigation rolls when looking at things) additions: (Alternate usage:) wireless broadcast recording to a separate unit kept at home or in car, miniaturization to fit into the glasses.

Anton LeVey

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