Arthur Picton

Retired Army Major


(4) Great: Rapport (Specialty: Honest Face)
(3) Good: Driving, Resources (Driving: Pilot)
(2) Fair: Deceit, Investigation, Presense, Scholarship (Extra Languages: French, German)
(1) Average: Alertness, Athletics, Burglary, Discipline, Empathy, Shooting, Stealth

Goal: Use espionage skills to aquire funds to retire


1: Honest Face
2: Never blows his cover

3: Item + Swiss Army Knife = MacGyver
4: Master of Disguise
5: Mmm, do I smell curry?
6: Time to tap into the bank account… again.


Arthur is a recently retired army major from the United Kingdom. He was redirected from his career track as a pilot in the air corp to that of an intelligence gatherer, undercover operative, and occasional saboteur who worked very efficiently behind enemy lines.

Though many of his exploits are famous, his name and face is unknown to most. His most famous series of missions involved him flying biplanes across enemy lines, only to parachute out before crashing into the enemy’s flying fortress of zeppelins. He speaks French and German (and can muddle his way through a few other languages), and is a master of disguise.

In his late-30s, he lives in an area on the edge of districts 4 & 5; he is dressed in a well tailored tweed suit, waistecoat and hat, he carries a unique walking stick that can deliver an electrical charge and, if caught in a pinch, fire a single slug.

After the war he sold his commission for a decent sum, and planned to work as an investigator so as to retire as a simple country squire. He was convinced by the crown to travel to Metapol, for one last mission, to infiltrate the sky pirates to (REDACTED).

After the mission, he retired for good from direct government service, and was allowed to keep the Fokker Tri-Plane which he used for his cover on his last mission. He now plans to work as a guild investigator to acquire enough funds to live off the grid, outside of Metapol, as a squire.

He is a very good flyer, but has very poor landing skills. While well connected back home, he knows no one here…

Arthur Picton

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