Daniel Bishop



  1. Well known, well respected and well connected.
  2. I get the job done
  3. Helps those in need
  4. Laughter makes the darkest night brighter
  5. I will avenge your death, Tesla, through your own Science!
  6. I’ve been to dark places…
  7. Loyal to the end
  8. Anything for my Wife and my Daughter
  9. Fight for your life
  10. Man of the People
  11. Political Mastermind
  12. Head of the Believers in Bishop
  13. A Learned Mind
  14. Honest Face
  15. The Law is on my side
  16. Secrets Man was not Meant to Know
  18. Part of the Alchemists for a Better Tomorrow
  19. Personal Magnetism

Plot Gained

  • Watched by the French
  • Asset
  • Married to Jennifer

Goal: Continue Tesla’s work and make the world a better place

Refresh: 6


  1. experienced
  2. Danger Sense (+2 to alertness for initiative)
  3. Taser: Concealable, alternate usage Ballistic (10 shot clip), extended range, battery pack
  4. Mobile Phone: Miniaturization, Additional Capability: change number, Alternate Usage: recording device
  5. Alchemy at Level 5
  6. Always Looking: May use alertness to spot people
  7. Universal Gadget
  8. Friendly Lies (Can use Rapport for Deceit to lie to people who know him)

Games Played In: 65 (Retired)

Building Points: 0


  • 1 Legendary(+8): Contacts: High Society,
  • 2 Epic(+7): Firearms: My gun, Rapport: First Impressions
  • 3 Fantastic(+6): Oratory: Inspirational Speeches, Presence: Voice of Authority, Alertness: Did you hear that?
  • 4 Superb(+5): Resources: Money to burn, Political Science: Elections, Craft (Engineering): Robotics, Fighting: Boxing
  • 5 Great(+4): Conviction: You can’t convince me otherwise, Scholarship: Military Strategy, Athletics: Parkour, Endurance: Long Distance Running, Craft (Engines): Reverse Engineering
  • 6 Good(+3): Investigation, Empathy, Discipline, Intimidation, Craft (Repair), Drive (Armored Suit)
  • 6 Fair(+2): Stealth, Burglary, Survival, Deceit, Demolitions, Child Rearing
  • 8 Average(+1): Might, Driving, Perform, Weapons, Disguise, Scuba diving, Tennis, Drive (Pilot)

Languages Spoken: English, German, French, Italian


Daniel’s Diary Reverse Order of Entries (Newest First)

Entry 3

Entry 2

Entry 1

Daniels Notes to Self

Daniel Bishop

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