Drena Erbauer

Power Tool Hero and Mother of Eight



  • Aspects
  • Abandon None
  • Faster than you.
  • “I’ve got eight kids!”
  • Femme de Fer
  • Absent-minded
  • Bun in the oven
  • Janey-on-the-spot
  • “I can figure it out.”
  • Stunts
  • Ms. Fix-It (all repair times shifted down two steps)
  • Alchemy (Average)
  • “Lightning Sally” Jet Pack – Additional Capability: extra range, Minimization, Additional Capability: hovering
  • Ada the Analytical Engine
  • Universal Gadget
  • Grease Monkey (vehicle difficulties -1, vehicle repair times shifted down one step)
  • “Hammerhead Sally” Submarine – Maximization, Additional Capability: extra range, Craftsmanship (+1 to Drive)
  • Skills
  • Great: Crafting / Repair (Specialty: Engines)
  • Good: Driving, Rapport, Contacts, Resources, Investigation
  • Fair: Scholarship, Presence, Alertness, Shooting, Weapons, Endurance, Empathy
  • Average: Athletics, Stealth, Might, Conviction, Presence, Discipline, Deceit

DRENA ERBAUER is a wiry (i.e. scrawny) woman in her mid-forties. She and her husband have spent the last twenty years building Erbauer Motor Works. More likely than not, she will be found practicing her trade, building and repairing electric cars to order for a growing clientèle. Like a lot of gearheads, she’s comfortable with a little dirt under her fingernails and a little grease on her coveralls.

Recently, she has started to turn her attention towards the field of alchemy, and the possibilities of the New Science.

Always carries a large wrench on her belt, social niceties permitting.

Husband – Fedor, 43

Children – Samantha, 21 (two children: Carl, 2 and Victoria, 1); Christopher, 20 (one child: Aleksander, 2); Fedor, Junior, 18; Georgina, 16; Alice, 15; Quentin, 13; Harry and Sookie (twins) 11

Drena Erbauer

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