Elizabeth Rackham

Socialite and retired thief


The daughter of a respectable and moderately wealthy family, Elizabeth and her equally well-bred friends took to stealing from their parents’ social circle in their early teens, relieving well-to-do households of small but highly valuable items to supplement their allowances. Recently ‘retired’ from thievery due to social pressure, Elizabeth has been living up to her role as socialite, supplementing the money from her inheritance with regular contributions to local journals, although old habits die hard. She is a Trustee of a new charity organization, the MetaPol Ladies’ Charitable Trust.


1. Locks are for honest people …
2. I’m smarter than you
3. I’m no expert, but I’ve read …
4. I’m a journalist. Tell me the truth and I’ll make you famous.
5. Catch me if you can
6. Trustee of the MetaPol Ladies’ Charitable Trust
7. You can’t scare me off of a good story.
In game aspect gained: Rising Star

1. Experienced (5 skill points)
2. Photographic Memory (
2 scholarship w/ chip spend)
3. Safecracker (burglary) – lockpicking attempts take place 2 shifts faster
4. Reputation (presence) – use presence instead of intimidation
5. Professional Attitude (presence) – +1 to social skills while ‘working’

Refreshes: 4

• Fantastic +6: burglary
• Superb +5: resources,scholarship (English, French, Latin, Nat. American, German)
• Great +4: contacts, perform (writing), ALERTNESS
• Good +3: investigation, deceit, prescence, STEALTH
• Fair +2: rapport, empathy, athletics, HANT-TO-HAND COMBAT
• Average +1: drive, survival (streetwise), photography, shooting, AREA KNOWLEDGE: Middle East/Egypt


Elizabeth Rackham

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