Ethan Thane

Stage Magician

Level Skills
Superb +5 Resources (Philanthropist) Deceit (A Magician Never Reveals His Secrets)
Great +4 Perform (Magic Tricks) Sleight Of Hand (Now You See It, Now you Don’t)
Good +3 Alertness Empathy Burglary
Fair +2 Stealth Survival Scholarship (Welsh, Sign Language)
Average +1 Pilot Investigation Athletics
Average +1 Discapline Fighting Ettiquette


Experienced (+5 XP)

Alchemy (1)

Personal Gadgets:

“The Masked Magician” Costume
Sector One “The Thane Mansion”

Additional Stats

Refresh : 3
Total XP Gained (After chargen): 28
Total XP Spent (After chargen) : 20
Total XP Remaining : 8


Now you see it, now you don’t
Got your nose! (and your wallet!)
I Don’t Have It Officer, Honest I Don’t!
In For A Penny, In For A Pound
What Friends?
Protector of the Homeless! (ADVANCED FROM “It’s A Hard Knock Life”)
Ex-Head of the Cheka (ADVANCED FROM “Porcelin Face of the Cheka”)
Who Are You Marmoset?!
The Masked Magician
In Debt (Until Resources +7)



Description: Brass goggles usually found held to top hat by a thick red band. Covered in typewriter keys on either side.

[Unbelievable] X-Ray Vision
[Special Effect] Night Vision
[Special Effect] Tempremental Experimental Controls
[Miniaturization] Small brass glasses with green tinted lenses, using side-slider controls.


Description: Brass jetpack covered in dials with two large boosters that extend out to either side when in use, small when not in use.

[Miniaturization] Fits Under Jacket
[Flight Duration] 1/2 Hour Flight
[Flight Duration] Full Hour Flight

“The Masked Magician” Costume

Description: Top hat and zorro-style mask covering face & goggles, black & red magician’s cloak, red bow tie, black waistcoat & white gloves.

[Special Effect] Seperate Identity (Can’t tell it’s Ethan) (+2 Deceit to not be recognized)
[Special Effect] Quick Change
[Special Effect] Electric Shock Gloves

The Thane Mansion (Puts Ethan In Debt Until Resources +7)

Description: A nice sized Mansion in Sector One belonging to one Ethan Thane. It includes grounds and staff to deal with upkeep. There are only half as many servants in the house at any one time as you would expect in this type of home, as Mr. Thane prefers to keep his housekeeping staff working one week on, one week off, both to improve their moral and to keep them from being overworked. Hidden inside the bookshelf, opened when pressing the button behind the book marked as “The Tales of Top Hats”, is a staircase leading down to the secret lair base of the illusive vigilante “The Masked Magician”.

[Secret Room] Secret Underground Room: “The Magician’s Box” (+1 Magician Gadget Workshop, Secret)
[Addition] Private Backup Power Generators
[Addition] Marlowe-Proof

Ethan’s Rapier “Jekyll”

A rapier given to Ethan by Aldrik, which he has had his new crest engraved into. He is learning the German style of swordplay with it from the Hundagards. It has been rigged up in a similar manner to ‘Hyde’, such that when triggered the blade will be covered in alchemical freeze gas, stored in canisters in the hilt.

[German Swordplay] +2 when fighting with Germans, -2 when fighting against Germans
[Alternate Stat] Can use Fighting instead of Weapons when using this sword
[Alternate Usage] Frozen Gas Blade (tags enemies with the ‘frosted’ OR ‘frostbite’ aspect)

Ethan’s Serrated Machete “Hyde”

A sword-sized machete with menacing serrated edges that Ethan obtained on Allard Island. It now has a large grip hilt with what appears to be a trigger, something like what a motorbike would use to accelerate. Within the handle is stored dischargable clips of compressed liquid fuel, which coal the blade when activated and can cause it to be set alight. the trigger is pulled to release the oil, then released to ignite it.

[Evil Half] +2 when used in conjunction with Jekyll
[Alternate Usage] Flaming Blade (tags enemies with the ‘flaming’ aspect)
[Alternate Stat] Can use Fighting instead of Weapons when using this sword



Make it to the ‘Big Legues’ of stage performing… <check…sort>
…and have some kind of income.

Facts About Ethan

He was an Urchin
He was born and raised in Metapol
He is 20
He is from a British-Welsh Family

He was born into a poor family, and when his parents were no longer able to provide enough food for the whole family he was thrown out onto the streets. This turned out to be a stroke of good luck for him, as it was then that he learned of his skill as a pickpocket. Using his sleight of hand he set up simple attractions on street sides, such as his ‘three cups, one ball’ scam. Eventually he began seeking larger hoards and bigger thrills. He succeeded in breaking into an old artificer’s household, however heonly had time to turn and grab out for something anything of value befor exiting the window as he saw the taser pointed in his direction.

After running for a good ten minutes he looks down at his hands. He had grabbed a pair of goggles with an odd blue tint to the lenses. He reasoned that these might make him stand out more when he ran his stalls, so he tried it one day. Once hed put them on he caught his hand on a notch on the metal, and he found, to his astonishment, that he could see the ball through the side of the cup.

Now he was ready for some big time buisness.

His friend Albert told him that he should try putting on a real show this time, and he found a pub willing to allow them to perform for one evening, but Albert never showed up and has not been seen since, so he was forced to perform alone. He used his ‘tricky fingers’ to perform some basic trick, but he made himself known when he got three ┬álarge boxes and told a member of the audience to step into one. While this happened he left the room and slipped on his goggles. Upon his return he declared that the man was in the middle box.

He worked up enough to begin renting stages and doing real shows.

He soon learned that he could not win the crowds with tricks alone, so he took to playing piano, as an addition to his act. It could add half an hour to the act and bring up the entrance fees.

He slowly moved up in popularity and performed in better locations, but has not yet made it into the ‘big legues’.
That is his ultimate goal.

Ethan Thane

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