Gavin Marshall

Small, rat-faced man in an ill-fitting suit.


7/Epic: Scholarship (Research Monkey)
6/Fantastic: Burglery (I was never here), Stealth (Can’t See Me)
5/Superb: Streetwise (Like the back of my hand), Crafting [Engine Programmer] (Understand code at a glance), Craft(Repair) [Sonic Screwdriver]
4/Great: Deceit (An Innocent Face), Contacts (Agents around the world), Alertness (Double Take), Conviction
3/Good: Investigation, Intimidation, Resources, Shooting, Endurance
2/Fair: Driving, Discipline, Presence, Weapons, Drawing, Animal Handling
1/Average: Athletics, Survival, Fighting, Might, Gambling, Craft(Clothing), Contortions, Cooking
GEORGE! – Sign Language 1, Manners 1, Pilot 2, Reading 1 (English)

Refresh 9
Stunt: Photographic/eidetic memory
Stunt: I know Spy Lore
Stunt: Con Man, use deceit instead of empathy
Stunt: Gift of Tongues (Earth languages) [Gain one week after being exposed to language]
Stunt: Bike – efficient tank (more range), nimble, nitro boost [will always have my goggles with me if I have my bike – otherwise spend a chip]
Stunt: Portable Babbage Machine, Fits on bike, Frequency scanner, ???
Stunt: Crash Medical Course – Use Scholership at full for Medical rolls
Stunt: Marmoset Costume (Hat, eye-mask, scent?) – +1 Intimidation, Separate Identity (can’t tell it’s Gavin), Quick Change?
Stunt: Static Shoes, +1 athletics, run up buildings, jump large distances.
Stunt: Hypnosis (use Deciet)
Stunt: Helper (Spend 2 for someone to gain 1) PC Only, in game reason
Stunt: Companion – George
Skills after advances: Might +3, Athletics +2, Intimidate +1, Sign language +1
George now has 3 boxes in each stress track
XP (5): Pilot 2, Manners 1, Reading/Writing (English) 1, Awareness 2
Aspect: Won’t make a Monkey out of me.


  • Man in the know
  • I’m no-one special
  • Surprisingly Sturdy
  • Knuckle down and get the job done
  • Eye for detail
  • I’m a Disciplined Man
  • You underestimated me
  • Untied the (Wedding) Knot
  • Can’t Pin Me Down
  • I’m proud of my country
  • Codename: Agent Marmoset
  • Marmoset Railroad Flunky
  • Clothes do not maketh the man
  • Leader of an Ape Nation
  • NAGS Researcher
  • Man of the World
  • ? [Spare 1]
  • ? [Spare 2]
  • ? [Spare 3]
  • (Wanted by the French – still!)

Sonic screwdriver:
[[Lock pick set (base item) +1 Burglary -free (works on mechanical locks native)
Miniaturization – to get it into a single small item – 1pt
works on electronic locks – additional capability -1pt
Acts as a basic tool kit +1 craft – additional capability -1pt]]
upgrade – +2 time shift to tasks using -1pt
Frequency scanner -alternate usage -1pt (range 2 -1pt)
Frequency emmiter -alternate usage -1pt (range 2 -1pt)
Flashlight -alternate usage -1pt (very short range)
use it as a battery – alternate usage -1pt (would last 1 scene)
Aspect : Noisy – (-1pt)
Stunt + 7xp. Diff 7, need lab (Guild has lab 8), 40 hours. [Done during downtime.]


Small man with a slight build (30s), he has a beaky nose, beady eyes and slicked back black hair. He wears an ill-fitting business suit, and you’d expect him to wear a bowler hat and carry an umbrella (he doesn’t). Has a nasal tonation when he speaks.

Always has a notebook and pen on him, and is constantly flipping it out, making a small note about something, then putting it away.

Is interested in learning about the city. Lives in Section 5.

Is now working on establishing an underground railroad (The Marmoset Railroad) to help Germans (and others) fleeing from the reign of terror initiated by 3R.

Gavin Marshall

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