An evil, murderering, kidnapping man with unknown machinations...probably taking over the world, along with the destruction of the guilds -Daniel Bishop


He was the suspected murderer, now confirmed by his own admission, of a guild member. The original belief was the murder was done for revenge but the investigators were unable to prove the truth of the matter. Bishop was unable to cope with this and has been investigating him ever since, trying to find some shred of evidence to make him guilty. Unfortunately for Bishop, it turns out Harris is a potential candidate for being the leader of a large international group of an anti-guild, anti-government, radical group that’s end goal is not entirely known but they are the creators of a large robot army, along with ties, if not entirely based out of, the Holed Ace Gang.

The consequence for Bishop so far has been that his ex-lover was kidnapped for a few months, beaten, raped, and tortured for any information. She was finally rescued by Bishop’s friends, Drena and Gavin, when Bishop was captured and delivered to meet Harris’s holographic image. “Of course you’re too cowardly to show up in person,” is Bishop’s belief as to the use of holographic technology, which in itself is amazing and shows the extent to which his technological reach is.


Of Steam, Steel and Murder bislab tzeneth