Leon Richter (Aka Leon von Vianden)

Explosive Alchemy



  • High Concept: Obsessed Alchemical Mastermind
  • Trouble: Culpea Vitea (Guilt of Life) (Survivor’s Guilt from failing to save family in Germany from 3R)
  • BG: Swordsman’s Eye (Used to be a duelist during my days as a noble)
  • Why Cheka: Radical Member of a Better Tomorrow (The Alchemists for a better tomorrow were not being aggressive enough. The Cheka are)
  • Core Belief: For those that passed (We must do for those that are no longer here, that they may rest in peace)

Plot Gained

  • Cheka Training

Refresh: 3


  1. Demolitions
  2. Reverse Engineering
  3. TB decided

Games Played In:

Building Points: 0


  • 1 Superb (+5): Alchemy
  • 1 Great (+4): Craft
  • 2 Good (+3): Fight, Lore
  • 3 Fair (+2): Empathy, Athletics, Notice
  • 5 Average (+1): Resources, Contacts, Will, Stealth, Rapport

Languages Spoken: English, German, French


The only son of his line, Leon had to handle the pressure of continuing the family legacy and preserving the family honor. Leon was trained in the art of the sword and fought for more a few duels but his true passion was alchemy and technology. Leon followed the research and ended up in various places continuing his research. When 3R began to gain power, Leon knew something bad was going to happen. Leon tried to convince at least his sister to leave, as his family was not popular with 3R. Eventually Leon learned of his family’s massacre and disappeared. Leon reappeared with the new name of Leon Richter thanks to a few friendly contacts. Leon joined the Alchemists for a Better Tomorrow but has been pushing for them to proceed into weapons research. Leon pushes for advances as well as opportunities to take any technology apart to better understand it.

Due to the peaceful nature of the Alchemists for a Better Tomorrow, Leon has sought contacts within the Cheka to continue his goal of creating a weapon as devastating or more devastating than the bomb dropped on London. Although his focus is on this goal, Leon is still haunted by his family’s death, especially Katharina, his sister as well as his duty to continue the Vianden line.

Leon Richter (Aka Leon von Vianden)

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