Nicholas Monroe

Driver of anything, mechanic, and member of the Cheka



  1. Wars never end…
  2. …But people do and I’ll save every man on my side I can.
  3. Cheka Driver
  4. Anything is drivable by the right man and I’m the right man
  5. What would James Bond do?
  6. Unknown

Refresh: 5


  1. Experienced
  2. A little goes a long way: all repair times shifted down two steps

Games Played In: 5

Building Points: 6

  • 1 Fantastic: Driving: Piloting
  • 1 Superb: Shooting: Rifle,
  • 2 Great: Craft (Repair): cars
  • 3 Good: Deceit, Alertness, Athletics
  • 3 Fair: Empathy, Endurance, Discipline
  • 5 Average: Rapport, Burglary, Stealth, Weapons, Might

Nicholas Monroe knew the British military for all of his early life. Son of a Navy father, he learned all about ships and how to keep them afloat. However his passion was for the air, so when he was of age, he joined the British Air Force. There he repaired the planes, cars, and equipment. He then finally earned his right to fly and that’s when he learned he could drive or fly anything. He was magic but eventually he was shot down behind enemy lines. He doesn’t talk about what happened but the report says he walked into a British base bloody and battered. He was then honorably discharged.

With nowhere to go, he took the first opportunity which presented itself. He got on a zeppelin and went to Metapol. There he took odd jobs until he finally was hired by transportation. Within transportation, he acted as a driver, mechanic, and anything else they needed. He made good friends with the farmers outside Metapol and often would go hunting with them.

He was thus the perfect candidate for the Cheka and recruited. He fit right in. He had a talent for vehicles of all sorts and a knack for moving anything that needed moving. He continued like this until all hell broke loose. He is now a little adrift as what to do now that he’s on the run.

Nicholas Monroe

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