Ray Marlowe

Ex-Solider turned Shamus.


Refresh: 10

Refresh 21=7 (Gen)+ 11 (45 Sessions)+ 3(Bought)

Refresh 21=7 stunt+ 14 Free Refresh

Skill Level Skills
Fantastic (6) Deceit(Drop of Truth) Investigation(Examination) Weapon(Baton) Athletics(Running)
Superb (5) Alertness (Am I Being Followed?) Burglary (Casing) Stealth (Skulking ) Craftsmanship(Repair)
Great(4) Empathy Endurance(Running) Intimidation(Professional Killer) Planning (Operational)
Good(3) Discipline Contact Resources Psychology
Fair(2) Presence Conviction Scholarship Rapport Animal Handling
Average(1) Survival Guns Driving Craftsmanship Might
Physical Stress: 4 boxes
Social Stress: 3 boxes
Mental Stress: 3 boxes

Total Exp Spent- 119 broken down to Skills 88, Refresh-30, Item-1


Universal Gadget: Spy Gear- Once per session I am choose one gadget with two improvements

Collapsible Baton 2 Damage – Well Crafted 1+ to Weapon, Concealable, Alternate Use- Stun Damage

Hidden Under Armor (3/0)- (3) Well Crafted= +2 to Armor and +1 to Athletics, Concealable(1xp)

Stay Close and Keep Quiet!: When sneaking around with a group, you are able to use your Stealth skill to complement (page YS:214) everyone else’s Stealth skill as they roll to stay hidden and quiet, provided they stay nearby and follow your instructions. Failure on either of these points means they lose the benefits. If you have any aspects specific to your ability to sneak around, your companions may invoke those aspects for their benefit as well.

Demolitions Training (YS:150): You are trained in the effective use of explosives (this is a new skill trapping; most people can’t handle explosives without training). You may use your Craftsmanship skill to place and set explosives appropriately. This allows you to do attacks and maneuvers against structures (see “Challenges”, page YS:324), and your skill roll also sets the difficulty for any characters attempting to avoid damage from an explosive that you’ve placed. Note that to hide an explosive you will still need to use the Deceit skill.

Document Forging: You are trained in the forging of official documents (such as ID, birth records, and the like) or letters. You can roll Deceit to create these documents, but using them or planting them where they will be of use (like in a library or government office) might require the use of other skills, such as Burglary or Stealth. Anyone exposed to these documents gets an Alertness or Scholarship roll to spot the deception; the difficulty is equal to your roll to make the document. Likewise, your roll is also the difficulty for any Investigation rolls to suss out your forgery.

Pet: Fredrick The Great: (5 advances) +3 Alertness, +3 Stealth, +3 Intimidation


Ex-Major turned Shamus

It is all Lies

This isn’t a chess match. This is war.

I deal in dirty business

Man with broken dreams

Sometimes death is the only justice we can give

Collateral Damage is Necessary in War

Founder of the Special Commission aka Cheka

I have been to hell and I am still there.

Bringing Justice to the Unjust

Building Railroads with Iron and Blood

I fight because this is the only way I know how to live

Easy Smile and Ice-Cold Eyes

“I will lead the Cheka from the ashes into a brave new world”

Paranoia is a Lifestyle.

Goal: Stop the coming storm…No matter the sacrifice


Subject is a Caucasian male in his late thirties. He has blue eyes and black hair. He is wearing a suit that seems just a little too big. His eyes are slightly sad. He is of average height, build, and has an average face.

Session 1-2 are a detailed description of the subject’s childhood and adolescents. Subject seems to have a extremely idealized version of his past. Summary follows. He was born in a small town in the Southern Colonies of America. His father was a lawyer of some reputation. He excelled in school and was accepted in the censored college on a military scholarship. He graduated top of his class was commissioned as a Lieutenant. End of Session 1.

Session 2-10 are a detailed description of the subject’s time in blank rebellion. Important excerpts follow:

“Talk about war being ‘hell,’ this war beats the hottest estimate ever made of that locality.” Subject snorts and then closes him eyes, swallows, and looks away. “Caloocan was supposed to contain seventeen thousand inhabitants. The Twentieth Kansas swept through it, and now Caloocan contains not one living native. Of the buildings, the battered walls of the great church and dismal prison alone remain.” The subject breathing starts to rapidly increase. “The village of Maypaja, where our first fight occurred on the night of the fourth, had five thousand people on that day, — now not one stone remains upon top of another. You can only faintly imagine this terrible scene of desolation. War is worse than hell.”

“You couldn’t use a gun because the noise would carry in the jungle. So we used knives and hatchets when possible. It was close in work. You saw the man eye go blank as you covered his mouth and stabbed.” Subject clenches his teeth. “We had over a 200% attrition rate. I had over 40 men when I started. Only 2 other men made it through the whole war whole. All to keep some lines on the map straight.” Subject shakes his head.

Summary follows. Subject served for five years in the blank rebellion. He rose to rank major. He served in the worst parts of the rebellion as a “scout”. Subject seems extremely traumatized by what he saw and did. The blank didn’t take prisoners’ and they mutilated the dead. His forces started to reciprocate the atrocities. The descriptions are horrifying to the extreme. Eventually they broke the enemies resistance.

Session 10-15 are a detailed description of end of his career in military and the his career as a detective for the guilds. Important excerpts follow:

“I didn’t belong anymore. I didn’t own a uniform. I had trouble following ******** orders from men who knew nothing about war and were more concern about looking pretty. I just couldn’t cope anymore as a soldier. Not without a war.” Subject sighs and shakes his head.

“I went back home but I didn’t belong. I had no skills or trade all I knew how to do was to kill a man and lead other men to do the same.” Subject looks at his hands. “So I went to the new city looking for work and made a different future.”

Summary follows. Subject was discharge honorably after 1 more year of service. He went home but couldn’t keep a job. He then got a job as a guild detective from a former commanding officer. He served two years in that position.

Session 11 is a description of a case and its result. Important excerpts follow:

" What could I do?" Subject looks me in the eyes hard. “The guilds ignored my conclusion. My evidence was obtained illegally so police would have ignored my too.” The next lines are spoken thru clenched teeth. "I had to stop him from killing again. So waited for months and I learned his patterns. And one night I followed him into an alleyway and made sure the coast was clear. " Subject shudders. “Then I covered his mouth and stabbed him in the lower back. I held on till he died. Then I made it look like a robbery. I took his valuable items and threw them into a dumpster several miles from the crime scene. I did what I had to do.” Subject closes his eyes and looks away. I wonder who he is trying to convince.

Summary follows. Subject was put on the case of a murder of a journeyman guild member. He found out that it was Johann Swallows who had murdered him along with 6 others. However Johann was a master craftsman who had many connections. The guilds ignored the case against him as did the police. He then murdered Johann four months after. He then quit the guilds 7 months later and opened his own detective agency.

Ray Marlowe

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