Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Deadlands: Tales From the Shattered Coast session 28 part 2

And we continue in our Deadlands game using the Savage Worlds system.
The players were: Sharon, Jamas, Chris and Richard

Here it is!

Deadlands: Tales From the Shattered Coast session 28

Yeah, I missed a week of posting. Life got a bit busy for me, but here you go with another Deadlands : Tales From the Shattered Coast session 28

The Players were:Richard, Jamas, Sharon and Chris.
Here is part 1
I’ll get part 2 up soonish.

Inspectres: Ghost Be Gone
Out of Steam Players

For a change of pace we play Inspectres this evening! A great little no-prep game where characters and a session can be played from scratch in 2-4 hours pretty easily. Inspectres is written by Jared Sorenson and published by Memento Mori Theatrics. The elevator pitch for the game: You operate a Ghost-Busters style franchise, ’nuff said.

Here is the complete first session.
The players were: Richard, Nick, Sharon, Kati and Stephen.

Shadowrun 2050 : Bottled Demon part 2

We continue with our Shadowrun via the Cortex system story arc. This is Bottled Demon part 2 of the adventure written by James D. Long for the 1st edition of the Shadowrun game.

Recently Margaret Weis Productions released the newest iteration of the Cortex rules in the Firefly RPG. We give some of those changes a test drive here.

The core of the game still uses the same simplified approaches of : Grifter, Mastermind, Thief, Hitter and Hacker as found in the Leverage RPG game by the same company.

The Players were: Richard, Jamas, Stephen and Kati.

Here is the entire session.

Shadowrun 2050 - Bottled Demon part 1

Players:Richard, Eldon and Stephen

Here is the complete session.

We return to the year 2050 and get our Shadowrun on using the Cortex system. It’s been a bit since our last delve into this setting, but I felt it time to dust it off and start anew. Another classic Shadowrun module is being put through the grinder that is our play group. Let’s see what the sausage tastes like, shall we?

Of Steam, Steel and Murder season 3 Session 4 : First Lady of Metapol

Players: Richard, Jamas, Stephen and Kati

Here is the recording in one file

Reintroducing a player from the early days of SSM : Kati! The player behind Samantha Jenkins, now Samantha Dare-Jenkins.

Join a quite little meeting of the Metapol Ladies Charitable Society as they honor Samantha for her humanitarian efforts…what could go wrong?

Deadlands Tales from the Shattered Coast session 27

We are without our medic in this session as Sharon is not able to make the game.
The players in this one: Richard, Jamas and Chris

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

I’ve been a little slack in running other games due to heavy hours at work and writing projects of my own, BUT more SSM will be had very soon.

Deadlands: Tales from the Shattered Coast Session 26

Players: Chris, Sharon, Jamas and Richard

Yes, that’s right a NEW player joins us in this session. Chris takes on the role of Eddie the gunslinger with moon problems.

We continue to march along in this rendition of The Flood by Pinnacle entertainment a module in their Deadlands line.

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

Deadlands: Tales From the Shattered Coast session 25
Session 25

Players: Sharon, RIchard and Jamas

Another episode in our long-running Deadlands/Savage worlds game. We continue to be ’Nick-less but will soon pick up another player.

Here it is in one session.

Deadlands: Tales from the Shattered Coat - Session 24
session, Deadlands

Players: Richard, Jamas and Sharon

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

Our Deadlands game continues. Just to keep count…we just played Session 33 on 06-28-14, so we are slowly catching up!


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