Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Session 29: Famous D's

Players: Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick and Jesse

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

Tesla’s funeral continues as the gang tightens security down to Olympic proportions. Snipers, check. Plain clothes officers, check. Aldrick on the guest list, check. Concession stand to sell spicy meatballs on a stick to the funeral gawkers, check. Apes in power armor and bi-planes spewing confetti, CHECK!

We had a new player in this session. Jesse, welcome to the group! This was perhaps not the best adventure for a new player to start as it’s a wrapping up adventure for the rest of the group, but Jesse does a grand job hanging in there.

Session 28: Friendly Fire

Players: Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick

Here is the first part.
Here is the corrected second part.

The gang checks into Tesla’s private laboratory at the edge of Metapol and runs into some surprises. Mr. Bishop simply can not take any more abuse from the party and rolls a grenade at them! Take that you mouthy P.I! Tesla’s secrets are plundered, but not by the detectives! Who has bypassed Tesla’s fiendish defenses and made off with his latest research, and what will the repercussions be!

I started this one off during Tesla’s funeral and intended to do a flash back to the prior week showcasing how the characters have been spending their downtime. Surprise! The characters instead plan and execute an assault upon Tesla’s private lab. It makes the beginning something of a non-sequitur as there is no “flashback” scene to put it into context, but things will resolve in the next episode. We’ve been away for a bit and our recordings have been spotty over the holidays, but man was it good to get back into the game again.

Holiday filler part 2: The Dresden FIles

The holidays have struck again and our last game of SSM did not go off as planned. I offer up this alternate recording to give our listeners something to keep them going over the holidays. This time, it’s a Dresden Files game ran by Nick who play Ray Marlowe in our regular game. This is a recording of the first session of that game. Enjoy and with any luck our next scheduled game will go off as planned and I’ll have it posted that weekend. Happy holidays to one and all and have a great new year!

Here is the first part of the recording.
and here is the conclusion.

Session 27: Even More Plot

Players: Jamas, Marcus, Nick

Here is part one
Here is part two

Dramatic and probably lethal plot was sidestepped as the players chose to work on less lethal information gathering instead. The heroes take up mere moments after the last session took place and contemplate deep treacherous moves amongst the power-players in Metapol. And why the heck did Tesla keep blood samples of the investigators anyways?

More of an in-character chat session than a play session, but still it was fun. It’s been a while since we last played and it was hard to remember specifics from the last episode (who ever goes back and listens to podcasts that they were in, right?). Marcus needed to bail out of skype for the last hour or so, but was around to type to us. Less exciting for the listeners, but we got to mock Bishop in character, so that was all good!

Session 26: A Great Man

Players: Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick

Here is the first part
And here is the conclusion

It’s lights out in Metapol as Power is taken out with an explosion. The characters race to the scene and lend aid in their own unique ways. They run, fly, bike and take the transit to be the first on the scene. A poignant moment is shared at the passing of a great man. Can Joshua Dare hold the guilds together? Find out in this exciting episode.

Some short but key moments into the characters heads in this one. Pay attention to the short scenes each of the players get at Joshua’s house before the meeting starts.

History Session
history, world

People chatting:Bert, Jamas, Marcus, Nick

Here is the recording

This is the recording of a World/History burning session we did several months ago. Not everyone’s cup of tea as it’s just a bunch of guys sitting around talking about WWI history and how SSM is shaped by it. Listen if you like, but don’t expect to be thrilled

Session 25: To Be or Not To Be

Players: Jamas, Jon, Marcus and Nick

HERE is part 1
HERE is part 2

The hunt for the killer continues as the heroes face waves upon waves of frothy mouthed… bureaucrats. The real currency of Metapol seems to be blackmail as the cast finds themselves hip deep in all sorts of sordid dealings.

The wrap up session to “The Other Hundagaurd”. This was fun. I had a great time getting back to a classic “who-dun-it” mystery. As always the players find unique ways to handle the situation and everyone walks away alive.

Session 24: The Other Hundagaurd
  • Players: Jamas, Jon, Marcus, Nick

It’s good to be home! Back in Metapol things have been strangely quite with the absence of the PC’s (amazing how quite things are with the people causing the mayhem out of town!). In this episode we finally meet the dastardly brother of Aldrick Hundagaurd, Tobias. It seems that elder brother needs some help from the guilds and guess who gets assigned to the case?

This one is a little shorter on actual game play than normal and we don’t quite finish in one session. Totally my fault! The wife and I were out house-hunting today and the thought of spending hundreds of thousand dollars made me a little exhausted.

Stormhaven: The Banker Strikes at Midnight.

Session 23
Players: Jamas, Jon, Nick

Here is part 1.

Wherein Ray Marlowe has flashbacks to his dark time in the jungle, Aldrick in a classic calvary charge does his best to behead a banker and Gavin enters mortal combat with a metal man! Join us for the last session in Stormhaven.

The players decide to leave the sandbox after this romp. Metapol beware! The PC’s are coming back to town.

Stormhaven - My Name Is Harris!

Session 22

Session 22 part 1 can be found here
Session 22 part 2 can be found here

Players: Abel, Jamas, Jon, Markus, Nick

Fun in the sun at Stormhaven Isle continues. Drena tells Keneth Allard all! “We are Adventurers!”. Mr. Marlow continues to grind his teeth in frustration as all his plots are spoiled and is positively appalled at the parties shocking display of truthfulness and honesty in the face of adversity! Has Mr. Bishop met the love of his life? And will she cause him to die of a heart attack before the engagement? All this as Drena warms up the live wires to deliver a well timed jolt to the family jewels of a live 3R captive!

I had fun with this one and I hope the players did as well. So much more got accomplished in my estimation, and the vacation will continue in the next episode. Possibly the best use of the “We’re the PC’s dammit!” line i’ve ever heard.


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