Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Filler Session - Hunter The Vigil: Actions Have Consequences part 10
filler session, Nick

And we are back to Nick’s New World of Darkness game in the Hunter the Vigil Universe.

Here is the recording in one file

Session 63: Introducing The Blue Man Group

GM: Jamas
Players: Bert, Joshua, Marcus, Nick and Sharon

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

Another day in Metapol means another dead body! This one is a floater and found just outside the city. It turns out that he’s a scientist of some sort working for the Eric Wolf expedition on an island called Lytton. The investigators begin their sleuthing and soon we are off on a boat ride to another mysterious island, this one used to be the home of a sanatorium! The island is some strange experiment in multidimensional energy collection and seems to be taken over by the color Blue. You won’t want to miss this escapade of vanishing houses, malignant wildlife and of course burning things down!

Jamas kindly stepped up and ran an SSM adventure for us. I get to reprise my role of Anton LeVey and the other players keep with their established characters. This one deals with strangeness that we don’t see in our usual missions and was quite enjoyable.

Holiday Filler: Dragon Age part 7

Hazzah! I found the missing audio for the Salt Marsh Chronicle. This last file completes the Salt Marsh run, after this adventure Nick takes a turn as GM for a new chronicle.

Here is part 7

The previous entry for Dragon Age has been updated with this file as well.

Holliday Filler: The Dresden Files - Night Fears

The holidays are upon us and what better way to spend our time than to play games, right? Here is the first of what I hope to be many games that are being played over the Holiday season.

Here is the file in one piece

The Dresden Files with players: Richard, Jamas and Sharon. I ran a canned adventure module called Night Fears with a few slight modifications. Enjoy!

Hiatus Filler: Hunter The Vigil: Actions Have Consequences
filler session

I couldn’t find the ending to the Dragon Age recording, but fear not! Our heroes survive without the loss of life or limb. If I can locate it later, I’ll put it in the feed, but this time around we continue Nick’s Hunter The Vigil game.

Here is Part 1
Here is Part 2

Hiatus Filler - Dragon Age part 1

Players: Richard, Nick, Trevor, J. Burnett

Here is part 1
Here is part 2
Here is part 3
Here is part 4
Here is part 5
Here is part 6
Here is part 7

Three friends travel the road to adventure after having been separated for many years. They enter the town of Saltmarsh, pouches flush with coin and goods to sell. What they find is a town in need of heroes. A mysterious haunted mansion is causing problems to the good town folk. Can our heroes lay the spirits to rest?

Reach waaaaaaay back in the archives to November of 2010 I bring you a rollicking good time with some familiar voices and some not so familiar. We are playing Dragon Age with some modifications made to the geography of Feraldin so that I might reuse some old D&D modules that I’ve been meaning to play through. Richard and Nick you have heard before, Trevor has been in many of my games, but not on SSM. Mr. J. Burnett you may have heard elsewhere as he is one of the founding Monkeys from the Monkeys Took My Jetpack podcast. This was a Hack of the D&D module Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. This is the entire run of that story arc. Enjoy!

Hiatus Filler - Monkey Con One: Marvel Heroic Roleplay
hiatus session

Players:Joshua, Jed, Kyre, John, Joshua

Here is the full recording

Monkey Con One was an online game convention that happened over October 20th-21st and was inspired by the Monkeys Took My Jetpack podcast. Several games were played and fun was had. This recording was my own offering to the convention. Joshua is the only player that has been in our regular games here on SSM.

Because I failed to check my calendar when planning our first sessions of Deadlands, I missed the fact that I had double-booked myself on our usual recording night. Monkey Con overlapped our usual game and since I had agreed to run a game in Monkey Con and had players signed up months in advance, I felt the right thing to do was postpone the next session of Deadlands and go ahead with the Monkey Con game. Apologies to my Deadlands group, our next game will be on the 3rd and with luck Richard will be back on line then.

What gets put into the feed next? Well, we have several games recorded by the gang here: Dr. Who, Word of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, and many more. Keep listening and we’ll keep posting!

Hiatus Filler - Deadlands: Tales From the Shattered Coast
filler session

Players: Nick, Richard, Sharon, Jamas and Pete.

Here is part 1.
Here is part 2.

Another filler session for the feed. This one is our first Deadlands game using the Savage Worlds system. I’m mostly running from the module “The Flood” produced by the Pinnacle Entertainment Group. They are also the creators of the Savage Worlds system and the Deadlands campaign setting. This is a western-flavored horror game set in the late 1800s with a dramatic change in historical events. I’m only dropping the first session (in two parts) into the feed, if you have any interest in listening to further sessions, a feed link will soon be provided here.

Hiatus Filler - Hunter The Vigil


This finishes up the session of Hunter The Vigil that has been in the feed for between SSM episodes. It starts right in as I didn’t add an intro or outro to it. It makes a lot more sense if you listen to the three files together as they were all recorded during the same game night. All three files were previously posted Here

Session 62: The Marmoset Rises

Players:Joshua, Marcus, Nick, Sharon and Jamas

Here is session 62.

Here we are, the stage has been set, the characters arrive and we begin shooting the big finale. The heroes quickly arrive at the Sphinx after having acquired a Lorry, expedition outfitted and carrying a small quantity of dynamite. We gain entrance to the super-villain lair and proceed to bluff our way in. Gavin meets his old boss and gets the chance to put Marlow down like the dog he is. Is there a betrayal? Will it all end in fire and death? Will Marlow’s dog get fed? Find out in this season ender!

Wow….the gang is laser focused and we get to the heart of the game quickly. We are unfortunately not graced with J. Guilt in this session and miss out on having Hundaguard around for the epic finale. This went down pretty much as I expected, with some consideration to the guys trying to talk their way into a heavily fortified villain lair instead of starting out guns blazing. It ends well in my opinion, with the fate of several characters unknown and marking a transition in the political landscape. I can’t wait to start the next season, but for you listeners, it will be some months before we get back into it. There’s some rules wrangling to hash out and another game I’m going to be running. Some of the players have decided to run sessions of SSM base either in an earlier time line or even, perhaps the new. I may get to be a player again!

While the regular SSM game is away, the feed will be filled with miscellaneous games that have accumulated over the years. You’ll get samples from many different game systems as well as different GM styles. I hope you will all enjoy the break.


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