Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Of Flying men and Iron Women

Players: Abel, Ben, Jon, Jamas and Marcus

The first part of session 14 is up here

The second part is up here

The third and final part is up here

  • Session 14 had a full cast!

    A much abused Mr. Bishop brings trouble to the Erbauer’s door. Flying men with guns and a dark silhouetted zeppelin assault the garage! The stout-hearted Faedor protects the children as Drena and company clear the house. Gavin goes Zeppelin hunting from a nearby roof top, the doctor and his mystery gas minimize the firearm damage as the rest of the party go toe-to-toe with The Flying Men! In the end the Erbauer garage remains proudly standing if a bit rough around the edges, and after a celebratory night of being Alive: Drena may soon be the mother of 9.

The Sweet Science.

Players: Abel, Ben, Jamas, Jon

Session 13. The first part of this podcast can be found here

  • After much delay, part 2 of session 13 can be found here

In this episode – from blood sport to The Sweet Science, our investigators learn the history of boxing and how it relates to murder in Metapol. Tingle at hot robot on robot action! Be shocked as the good Dr. takes Cocaine! Be astounded as Gavin drives really, really fast! All this and more in this exciting episode.

Sylvan Pines: For All Your Psychotic Needs

Session 12

Session 12 has been recorded and the 1st part is up here The 2nd part is now up here

Players: Abel, Ben, Jamas

Wherein we find out what happens to people that work waaaaaaaay too much, why it’s not good to be a male ‘ho and what really happens in those upscale “mental-resort” communities.

Insert advertisement:

Sylvan Pines is a private psychiatric facility with an established traditiion of caring and nurturing. For over 10 years, our staff of skilled professionals has been committed to the fostering of good mental health. If you find yourself with issues in life that you can’t solve alone, turn to the professionals. Sylvan Pines, we care.

Hot time at the Old 'Cog tonight.

Session 11

Direct link here to the first part of a two part podcast. Some very definite audio quality differences in this one due to the problem noted below. Direct link to the second and final part is here

Damage Toll: 1 exploded car, 1 smashed window, 2.5 dead Frenchmen, 2 poisoned idealists and some innocent bystanders woozy from knock out gas.

Players: Ben, Jamas and Marcus.

  • I had some computer problems over the week that did not result in an optimum or even sane recording environment for this game. I’m sorry to say 1.5 hours of audio got lost and my Macintosh is very, very sorry. I will post the 1 hour of recorded game that did survive along with a synopsis of the first part when the podcast drops. Thanks to Jamas, it looks like a back-up recording was done for this session!
  • Also, we had yet another new player join us this week: Say hello to Ben and his marvelous doctoring bag!

Episode 10 has been recorded and part 1 can be found here

The second and last part can be found here

We have a new player! Welcome, Michael, to the group. In this episode: Bishop is tracked down and a virtual confrontation with Harris is staged. The group solves 3 crimes in 3 hours (and have put in the paperwork to collect from all three) all in less than 4 hours sleep!

Players: Abel, Jamas, Marcus and Michael

Robot Secretary
Session 9

Episode 9 has been recorded and the 1st part is out on the feed or you can use this direct link.

Session 9 part 2 is up here

Session 9 final session is up here

In this episode farms are assaulted, mechanical phone assistants are created and Bishop is reunited with a lost love one night stand.

  • Players: Abel, Jamas and Marcus
Tesla speaks!

Session 8 has been recorded and part 1 of 3 is now out on the feed or you can use this direct link

In this episode, the gang finally meets the great man himself, Tesla! Mr. Tesla’s recruitment plan embroils the characters into international espionage, iron men, submarines and desperate dock workers.

  • Players: Abel, Jamas and Marcus.
  • Part 2 is out now, direct link here
  • Part 3 is out now, direct link here

Episode 7 – Blackmail! Podcast Link to episode

  • Players: Abel, Marcus and Jamas

In this sessions some loose ends are tied up, Mr. Bishop gets an Arch Enemy and Drena shares a moment with a homicidal heiress.

Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with a knife

Episode 6 podcast link

A traditional British cozy mystery! Thrill at Drena’s car chase! Be stunned by Samantha’s daring show of ankle! Groan at Bishop handling a gun! And introducing Gavin Marshal and his damp palms!

Players: Abel, Kati, Marcus and Jamas

The Problem With Indians

Episode 5 – The Problem With Indians

In this episode, Bishop has woman problems and the group finds out where their food comes from.

Players: Abel and Marcus

podcast is up hereSSM5


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