Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Deadlands: Session 10
session, Deadlands

Players: Sharon, Richard, Jamas and Nick

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

Our Savage Worlds Deadlands game continues! Cowboy up and give it a try.

The ‘Of Steam, Steel and Murder’ game continues on hiatus, but will be returning soon! The final retail copies of the new FATE core book is out now from Evilhat and once I’ve gone over it and made a few tweeks for our particular game, more SSM episodes will hit the feed.

News - Aethercon!

If you listen to or play in this podcast, chances are you enjoy role playing and perhaps role playing online! If so, here is an online game convention that might just be for you:


November 15-17th this is the second year for this up-and-comer

Looks to be of some interest, check them out.

Esoterrorist actual play: The Store N Go Solution
session, one shot

Players: Richard, Sharon, Eldon, Joshua and Kikka

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

A one shot game for Pelgrane Press’s Esoterrorist game. It was intended to run in 2.5-3 hours but I may have drawn it out too much and will have to nip and tuck the scenario for it to fit in that time frame if I ever run it again. The audio is a bit noisy due to some microphone issues, Joshua drops on us after an hour or so (did you fall asleep again Joshua?) and Richard’s connection fails in the climatic scene! Ah well, I had fun and the players seemed to. Hope you listeners enjoy.

Note to said listeners….I made two changes in my audio editing flow, it would help to have an another ear or two tell me if the first part or the second part seems…easier..to listen to? Not necessarily better audio quality, just..easier. I don’t want to come out and say what I did, I want a fresh ear to tell me if it made any difference. Thanks!

The Quiet Year
session, out of steam players

Players: Eldon, Bert, J. Guilt, Joshua
GM: Collaborative game
The Out of Steam Actual Play Group

Here is the recording

Quite years Here is the finished game board from play.

The Quiet Year is a collaborative story telling game that uses a deck of cards and a sketchpad to play. There is no GM, but a moderator is used. This recording was part of the Out of Steam Actual Play Group’s usual Sunday game time, but we didn’t get to play the Laundry Files this time around. It was a fun game and it is more than likely that we did not interpret the rules as the creator wished.

Deadlands: session 9

Players:Nick, Sharon, Jamas, Richard

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

Our Deadlands game continues!

Bishop's Interlude

Players: Marcus

Here is the recording in one file.

Richard suggested that it would be a good time to release the one-on-one session that featured Bishop’s incarceration. So here it is! Just me and Marcus plotting against the PC’s……

Filler Session: Fiasco London 1593
Filler Session

Players: Nick, Sharon, J. Guilt, Joshua, Bert

This was recorded quite a while ago and I never released it to the feed. There is no introduction and we just get right into the banter as we try and figure out these rules. About 20 minutes of the action is lost because I neglect to push the start button on the recorder after coming back from break. Enjoy!
Fiasco London 1593

Session 64: Roger's Rangers

players: Jamas, Marcus, Nick and Joshua

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

This was a one shot SSM adventure that takes place about a year after the bombing of London. It is set in the season 3 world and we play test the FATE Core rules for use in our SSM game. Joshua bows out half way through because of a need for sleep ….. wuss ;)

Filler Session: Deadlands - Tales From The Shattered Coast Episode 7
Session, Filler

Players: Sharon, Nick and Jamas

Here is part 1
Here is part 2

Our Deadlands game continues, down several players in this episode.
Also, the audio quality is a little worse as these were made from Jamas’s backup copies.
Powergrammo crapped out on me that night.

Season 3 Chat Session
season 3, chat

Chatters: Jamas, Joshua, Sharon, Marcus, Nick

The SSM Players got together to discuss the focus and tone of the next season of SSM.

Here is the recording

There is some tasty, tasty tidbits in here about what is in store for the players in the next season. We are going to be using the new FATE core rules by Evil Hat with as few modifications as possible. I’ll likely also use roll20.net for a virtual tabletop to keep information and visual clues in one place. Yup, this means the next season is around the corner!


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