Of Steam, Steel and Murder

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Oct. 31 2009

Players:Abel, Marcus, Kytanos

Here is the episode.

EXP awarded:2 each

Metapol City – Act 1 -

  • Scene 1 – New Hires

The party gets a contract from the police to investigate a break in at a Guild owned warehouse in district 8. A dead man’s corpse leads the investigators to a much larger plot. Explosions averted and private property protected!

Episode 2. Orientation Day

Players: Kytanos, Marcus, Abel and Katie.

Here is the episode

EXP. awarded 2 each

In this episode the characters learn about the power structure of Metapol and exactly why contract workers are needed by the police. Daring bi-plane aerial dog fights! Watch Mr. Bishop wing walk his way to glory! Drena takes command of a Zepplin! All this and much more in this exciting episode.

Episode 3. Climbing the Guild Ladder

Players in this episode: Abel, Marcus and Brian. 1 exp. each, central crime unsolved but did get a secondary one!

Murder most foul…again. This time the body is found in a factory with clues leading to one sure villain, or do they? Drena contemplates adoption, Daniel calls in favors for ANOTHER voice recorder and Dr. Wraithbone has a sky pirate fetish.

This episode is up! Refresh your podcatcher or use This direct link

Episode 4 Drena's Garage

Players: Abel, Marcus, Katie. 3exp ea. Central crime solved

Elizabeth Blaine the groups police contact and handler is shot and stumbles into Drena’s garage. The gang proceeds to find out who did the deed and why, while visiting an orphanage and making dinner dates with Guild leaders.

Here is the direct link to the podcast.

The Problem With Indians

Episode 5 – The Problem With Indians

In this episode, Bishop has woman problems and the group finds out where their food comes from.

Players: Abel and Marcus

podcast is up hereSSM5

Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with a knife

Episode 6 podcast link

A traditional British cozy mystery! Thrill at Drena’s car chase! Be stunned by Samantha’s daring show of ankle! Groan at Bishop handling a gun! And introducing Gavin Marshal and his damp palms!

Players: Abel, Kati, Marcus and Jamas


Episode 7 – Blackmail! Podcast Link to episode

  • Players: Abel, Marcus and Jamas

In this sessions some loose ends are tied up, Mr. Bishop gets an Arch Enemy and Drena shares a moment with a homicidal heiress.

Tesla speaks!

Session 8 has been recorded and part 1 of 3 is now out on the feed or you can use this direct link

In this episode, the gang finally meets the great man himself, Tesla! Mr. Tesla’s recruitment plan embroils the characters into international espionage, iron men, submarines and desperate dock workers.

  • Players: Abel, Jamas and Marcus.
  • Part 2 is out now, direct link here
  • Part 3 is out now, direct link here
Robot Secretary
Session 9

Episode 9 has been recorded and the 1st part is out on the feed or you can use this direct link.

Session 9 part 2 is up here

Session 9 final session is up here

In this episode farms are assaulted, mechanical phone assistants are created and Bishop is reunited with a lost love one night stand.

  • Players: Abel, Jamas and Marcus

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