Tag: Character


  • Drena Erbauer

    * Aspects # Speak softly and carry a big wrench # I've raised 8 kids! # Faster than you * Primay Skill - Crafting. * Goal - Leave a legacy. * Stunts - Alchemy

  • Samantha Jenkins

    Samantha Jenkins is a sweet, quiet girl who is short in stature with long dark brown hair. She has an unassuming beauty about her. Her appearance is well kept in blue petticoats and a brown dress with a bodice that has intricate blue embroidery. Often …

  • Jack Earhart

    Childhood: Loved airplane and blimp type toys. Would use interconnecting toy blocks( like Constructs) to create his own ideas. Also, enjoyed the various war games. 10 years before the Great War began, most of his family was murdered by Russian …