Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop

  1. Struggling but well connected contractor.
  2. Always completes his end of a deal.
  3. Helps those in need
  4. Money and Friends spend easily
  5. We go left at Albuquerque…I’m sure of it.

Goal:Make enough money to retire yet leave the world a better place

Refresh: 4

  1. experienced
  2. I can get it (use contacts instead of resouces to get an item)
  3. Danger Sense

Building Points: 6

  1. Fantastic: Contacts
  2. Superb: Rapport
  3. Great: Prescence
  4. Good: investigation, Empathy, Alertness
  5. Fair: Discipline, Conviction, Intimidation, Firearms
  6. Average: Resources, Stealth, Scholarship, Deceit, Fighting, Athletics, Survival

Daniel Bishop

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